Information on Streamdeck

is there a possibility to get the follwing infos on a Streamdeck displayed?

  • Callsign
  • Flightplan , example EDDH to EDDM


I guess displaying your Callsign would be possible, but why?

And a complete flight plan? how should that look like on a bunch of Knobs with small LCD-Displays in it?

I’m using a couple of Steamdecks for controlling the plane, one is just below the monitor an shows only values (controlled by another SD, works fine)
Callsing= just for fun
Flightplan= my idear was to show only the Airports-Codes, no waypoints

i was always thinking of the stream deck to be used as a quick flexible button box for every function I need regular but have no spare buttons on my controllers left for.

never had the idea to just use it as a Display. For that I would think a better solution would be … well … just that - a small additional display :slight_smile:

But if that solution fits your needs and is fun to you … who would I be to argue that :wink:

happy flying and stay safe


Thats my current flightplan-panel


I got a solution for the callsign

Wow, this is very much along the lines of what I would like to create. But at the moment (I have AAO only since a few days) I’m still a bit stumped … how to create all this.

Is there a possibility to get your profile somehow?

I build my profile, which is a collection of several downloads from
You should find everything there.

Thank you very much!