Infrequent flyer and changes I have noticed over last few updates


Wasn’t sure where to post this, but just wanted to share some things that I have found myself improved or fixed with the last couple of updates.

I’m on xbox here and at launch I could remember an annoying issue where ATC would have you descend way to late on approach, so you could be at FL30 and you are 15nm away from your destination. Now I don’t play this sim all the time but I have flown about 7 flights now set up via world map and the default ATC has been perfect at giving me descend instructions. I gather a recent update must of fixed this, it has for me it seems.

Another thing I would like to share is about changing flight plan during flight, I often fly IFR low in the a320neo and when I set up a flight via world map I like to leave destination airport set to automatic, so that during flight I get the runway/approach over ATC and input the approach and runway on the onboard computer, feels more realistic.
Now what happens when you add the approach is that it thinks you have changed the flight plan, so gives the option to “request IFR following for instrument fp” in the ATC window, I always thought you need to click this request (I asked on here and some said you do), on my testing I can confirm you do not need to make the new request for this specific scenario.

The only issue still present for me is when adding the approach onboard 90% of the time the plane turns around and heads back 15nm to what I presume is the last waypoint I passed. I hope Asobo fixes this.

This post was just to talk about things I have noticed that have improved or been fixed for me since launch, so wasn’t sure where to post, so if there is a better forum for it can a mod please move it.


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