InGamePanels development - where can we find SDK documentation?


I’m unable to find any documentation from online or local SDK related to in game panel development (window opened from the toolbar in flight) . It seems to miss in the official documentation.
Can someone give us a link to a tutorial somewhere?

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Also I’m looking for a sample of the XML file needed to be compiled in .SPB inside InGamePanels folder.

No docs (i assume yet) but the google has…


Good catch, thanks!
The template from Maximus includes the sample and method to build the .spb :slight_smile:

I think the spb files are created when you use dev mode and compile a project.

Easier to drag and drop the project.xml on FSPackageTool directly, than starting the whole sim in dev mode.
SPB build, test in progress.

Hey all,

I’m in the process of updating a Git repository to reflect latest changes. I used this when creating the panel for the G36 Improvement Project.

Still a WIP as not all files there yet but will aim to update over the weekend with instructions - will also send in PM to you @DA40CGDFQ :slight_smile:


I’ve made some testing using an ingame panel as a web browser. Some web sites are working almost completely (except some special character issue), as other are not displayed at all.
I played a bit including more javascript component from MSFS in the Html code, without any effect.

Does someone have some knowledge on this usage?