Ini A320: Honeycomb Bravo HDG affecting sim rate

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Inibuilds A20N

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Using the Honeycomb Bravo to change heading results in sim rate being changed. Counterclock knob rotation decreases sim rate, clockwise rotation increases sim rate.

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Engage manual heading and use Honeycomb Bravo to change headings.

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Honeycomb Bravo + Alpha

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Check your controller mapping(s).

Note that if you press the “R” key in default keyboard mapping, this will select the sim rate, and using the +/- knob on the bravo will indeed control the sim rate until another variable has been selected.

(If you’re using the keyboard to input text into some type of avionics, this may still trigger the bound controls when you type an “R”.)

If you’re sure you don’t have sim rate mapped to anything you’ve accidentally pressed, there might be something specific to this aircraft or a mod you have installed.

same issue, i’ve alraedy unmapped the “simrate” binding for my game and it still affect sim rate everytime i rotate the knob after airborne

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