Ini A320 neo strange pitch inputs behaviour

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iniBuilds A320neo

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I have experienced an interesting problem. On the ground if I use my sidestick aircraft behaves correctly (check my video). Once I airborne all by pitch inputs seems to have a very big delay and moreover my elevators do not travel correctly. Moreover my roll inputs seems to work correctly but not the pitch. If someone had experienced that before pls let my know

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Here you are (sry for the quallity)

P.S.S. Just found out that this issue appears at IAS around 70 knots. If my speed is below 70 – it works fine. If above – it’s broken

First of all I do not know the level of detail this Airbus version has been developed in at this point so some things might be irrelevant. BUT you don’t even bother to put in any weight and balance so your video doesn’t tell much.

However: An Airbus does not lift its elevator up to the limit just because you pull the stick back. Its principle is that you give a command and the computers verify it and then give the required control input. On the ground the stick moves the control surfaces 1:1 (direct law) but in the air in normal or any alternate law you command a g-force or a roll rate and the airplane will fly itself according to your command, all within a certain envelope which you are supposed to specify by doing your w&b initialization in the FMS.

The plane does nothing out of the ordinary as far as I can tell without all the missing input.

Thanks for your reply
I will try

May be I did not explain the whole problem correctly, but!
If I put my sidestick back plane will change it’s attitude only in a 5-6 seconds. And rotation speed is extreamly slow
Moreover if I pull sidestick backwards and hold it there for 5 seconds (example) and pull it upwards it won’t affect aircraft. Sidestick would be fully upwards but elevators would “stop” at “full down” poisition. It’s so slow that I can’t even prevent aircraft from descend (or climb).

For example FBW or Fenix don’t have this issue and their A320s reacts Ok for such inputs

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Hello again!
I tried using different ZFW/ZFWCG and insetring these settings into MCDU and EFB and… nothing changed. Idk why so, I guess the problem is still open