Ini A320Neo micro-stutters on approach

I flew couple times with the new iniBuilds A320Neo and everytime i flew down to approach phase the game starts micro-stuttering, i have a very high-end PC so that shouldn’t be the issue, please investigate.

CPU: Ryzen 9 7900X3D
GPU: Nvidia RTX 4090
Game Build: Latest beta build as of today
Aircraft: A320 V2

It didn’t happen when i flew training circuits, but happened 100% of the time with line flying, did 4 lines all within 500nm distance, everytime it happens between ~5000ft to ground level, and it disappears after i’ve touched down.

also very low framerate, im getting only average about 30 fps all the way throughout the flight


yeah a lot of people on ini discord are complaining about this including me, gonna have a fix soon hopefully!


one of the devs on the ini discord said they may have an idea on what’s causing it.

Well, if freezing for 2-10 seconds on approach (actually starts on descending) is micro-stuttering, I am on board:)

I was having problems with sutterings on approach with iniBuilds A320. Then a friend sent me a video from a Youtuber who recommended moving the ‘microsoft-aircraft-a320neo’ folder from Official to Community folder and going back to SU13.

Not only did it solve the stuttering problem, I also got a 10 fps boost. I don’t think this performance difference is because of SU14 beta itself as I haven’t noticed any difference in other aircraft.

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That makes sense, i tried this last night for the 1st time and notice a drop of around 10 fps. I assumed it was SU14.

Same here, lost around 10 fps.

Confirmed on the ini discord they have found and fixed the stuttering on decent.

It’s not only ini a320. I was flying the LVFR a321 into NZAA and also experienced ugly stutters all the way until after I landed

Odd, I’ve only had it happen on the ini A320N.

Yea even experienced it with the 787 at times but not all the time. Mainly ini a320