IniBuilds a310 liveries

Will there be irl liveries on the a310 such as airfrance,Lufthansa,Mahan air etc…?

I believe by the pictures, if they will have the liveries from the pictures, it will have the following:

  • Default Airbus Livery
  • AirTransit
  • Sata Air
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Oman Air
  • AeroCancun
  • Air India
  • Royal Thai Air Force
  • Czech Airways

The good thing is that the repaint community for this sim is so large and talented that there will likely be a flood of repaints nearly every other A310 operator shortly after release.

Personally I’ll be excited for various Canadian Armed Forces repaints.


Most likely for PC

Oooh wow im definitely looking forward to the Delta and TAP


Yes-really looking forward to the Delta one as well :wink:!

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Never expected this to become my favorite livery but I now look forward to it with every new airliner release for MSFS. Something about that paint that I really like.


I’m sure the painters community on FSTO will provide us with plenty upon release.

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Include airtransat

If you download the inimanager from Inibuilds, you can fine the Transavia livery and lot of others :wink:

Yes i downloaded it thanks. It looks great…but it’s not the one with the ring. No biggie, hopefully someone will do it :slight_smile:

I need paintkit
With paintkit, I will make several of these requests.

To use the IniManager, do you have to create an account with IniBuilds?

Yes you need

Looks ugly af to me hahaha glad someone likes it though!

Ugh. I only want one livery for it. I’ll just have a friend send it to me. I really don’t want to create another dead account with all my information. :joy::joy:

Actually, its Czech Airlines :nerd_face: