Inibuilds A320 V2 Beta SU14 Discussion

Yes I am excited to test! :smiley:

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Neat! Now I know what to do after catching some sleep :slight_smile:

The plane looks and behaves nicely. Here is a takeoff video of it:

Can’t wait to test it some more :slight_smile:


Does Asobo a320Neo liveries work with this?

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Flew it, liked it. It will be a treat for XBOX users who do not have access to FBW. Nice addition!


Releasing an aircraft with only one engine variant for an aircraft type that is prominently known for having multiple engine variants in 2023 is a very weird choice. One assumes Asobo dictates those details when ordering from vendors. Disappointing.

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Can’t you just be happy we get a new plane?


Bro you are free to use it if you want or not… Remember that it’s a free add-on with the quality of a payware addon, I don’t see the point of crying over a different engine option.


Amazing aircraft, over the FBW for me on this.


Haven’t tried it yet. Is it that much better than FBW and do all buttons/switches work?

It’s very good. Functions and handles well.

Not instantly better than the FBW as that’s been developed very well about 2 years on top of the default A320N.

This inibuild version does seem rather fun ‘out of the box’ It’s like their A310. It has a good soundset, switches all seem to function even the brake fan, handles quite well too… thats a first few circuits around YSSY and landing 34L with 20kt xwind at least! Reversers animation seems to be missing (I did calibrate the throttle via EFB which is also very good with simbrief integration)

The cockpit is well modeled and the wings / fuselage also but one thing I’m not sure about is the size of the engines, they are less ‘pregnant’ than the asobo version but boy are they huge! They seem like the Embraer E2 engines in proportion to it’s fuselage and they have just a few inches clearance from the ground… I don’t think they are quite this close to the asphalt!


Sorry for my ignorance but is it a separate plane?? Does it has to be downloaded from the marketplace or its an update on the current A320neo?

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Not a separate download, it’s in the update itself.

Good thanks. I jumped in into a long haul in the 787 so I will check it out later.

the exterior modeling quality around the cockpit is way too low. the surface is bumpy and reflections are messy. the wing root is not quite well modeled as well.

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I couldn’t get the pushback to work with the EFB? Something I was doing wrong, probably? Also wasn’t really sure what the SimBrief username was asking for in the EFB, so didn’t really put it through its paces as far as the EFB goes. I didn’t even dig out my yoke and throttle, just sat and played with it on the apron with the APU running for a lil while. Full disclosure, black avionics on Xbox Series X right away at Flightbeam’s KMSP.

HOWEVER - this thing brought a huge smile to my face tonight. Just a big dumb Airbus with everything working. Gorgeous textures inside and out, a weird MCDU to re-learn after flying the 737 so much, AMAZING soundset, world-class EFB (I think IniBuilds does this better than anybody). Nose wheel tiller works. EFB settings and options page look robust, with a throttle calibration tool (VERY nice touch - thank you!). The cockpit video feed of the galley works!

The one thing that’s going to keep me from flying this often, if anything, is the lack of a modeled passenger cabin. I’m guessing IniBuilds/Asobo/MS/whomever might pull the same thing they did with the A310, where there’s an expansion available for PC players with crazy high-quality modeling textures and a modeled passenger cabin. Please please please please give us Xbox players a dumbed down version of a passenger cabin, where we can translate views back there and set up a saved camera in a seat. It’s so much fun to sit back there at cruise. It means the world to me. Please?

I’m so over the moon thrilled to have another big airliner in my hangar! A capable, modern, handsome, well-thought-out, FREE airliner!

Can’t wait to test this some more and see how it develops with new beta flightings and Dec 5th’s SU release. And some pretty liveries in the Marketplace please. Hope the conversation around this plane develops quite a bit in the coming days as people get a chance to fly it over the weekend. FBW this and Fenix that, I’ve never known a quality, capable A320 on my Xbox and I’m very excited for what’s to come.


I’m over the moon that I can finally do a cross bleed start and that the cockpit windows open!
Didn’t actually fly it tonight but will be putting it through its paces the rest of the weekend.

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TCA don`t work revers?