iniBuilds Airbus A300 Beluga and A310-300 for MSFS?

Not quite sure if I saw correctly, it is mentioned in 3rd-party update of the latest Development Update 02.25.2021? Any of you has more information?

I understood it was for X-Plane. Hope I’m wrong, but …

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While I think that would be awesome, I don’t know if MSFS is at that point yet.

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Indirect Data Leakage. :sunglasses:

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Seems there was some iniLeaks.


This is even worse than the sim update delay.

This plane looks so good, it’s sad to know that it might come to MSFS in a couple of years…

Good news!

IniBuilds now has confirmed an A310 is actually in WIP state for MFS.

You can read some more info right there:

I have this plane in X-Plane, actually I have both the A300 and the A310 and they are without doubt 100% study level and amazing. iniBuilds provide amazing support and react to issues very quickly (not that I had any).

It looks great in X-Plane, I can only imagine how much better it will look in MSFS. CRT screens everything.


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I am sure iniBuilds is not changing or modifying anything in that cockpit. But it looks waaaay more interesting with these awesome half analogue half digital display gauges than getting the exact same cockpit layout the Fenix Airbus already has in a similar Airbus.

But iniBuilds should give their A310 cockpit some nice tesselation and high-polygon updates to enhance some of the outdated looking angular looking details to have beautyful rounded seat headrests window-frames and other beautyful enhanced cockpit details. :slight_smile:
Being on par with Fenix quality would make every virtual pilot absolute proud of the new Airbus fleet.

The iniBuilds cockpit style half analogue steam gauges + half LCD screens has some truly uniqué flair. Awesome!

Of course the Beluge and the A300 should be made available for Flight Sim 20. They are marvellous work!
Soon we will see if iniBuild are “Fenix level” and “animated Brake-fan level” :smiley:

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Good evening pilots,

wow this aircraft is really fascinating, found this video today and I love it:

It is in no way like the A320 but from a complete different era with a truly interesting and uniqué cockpit.
I would love to master this airplane, an interesting new challenge (and it would also be interesting to see how far I can go with my A320 knowledge in this awesome Boeing 757 cockpit layout).

Is there really no chance for iniBuilds to release this bird…or in this case, more a flying wale, for our flight sim here?

I know that iniBuilds is planning to release an A310 but I find the Beluga with the accessible cargo area way more exotic and interesting!

Are there at least any rumors that this Airbus might get released? :smiley:

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A few minutes ago I read that Aerosoft is planning to release an Airbus A330 for the Flight Sim 20 :smiley: yay!!
Is this true?
Is it this one:

Flight Sim 20 needs more Airbussing :smiley:

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WHAAAAAT the cabin has multi-color lighting, that’s so cool!!!

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Yesterday inibuilds confirmed the A300 is coming to MSFS in 2023 :smiley:

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But only cargo version A300-600F and no passenger version?

As far as I know it is only the cargo version, they might announce other versions as development advances