iniBuilds Airbus A300 for MSFS

Not really. Theres still very few R’s version. The majoroty are F ones.

The pax -600R never really sold well — Ini have the majority of liveries covered.

Despite the complaints about Aerosoft’s CRJ, it still seems to get people excited. I made a choice between it and the FSS AG ERJ and chose the ERJ. My concern with the CRJ is the lack of updates, despite the dev being clearly still very active. The ERJ is of course a WIP but it’s updated every two weeks and really does fly nicely. I’m not a real pilot but you do have certain expectations and the ERJ’s handling (particularly on the ground) just feels right. A330 Driver and another real-world pilot (of the ERJ) have both recently said it is slowly but surely getting there now, so I fully expect my decision to end up being the right one. I’m also not keen on paying £35 for the base -550/700 package when it’s only the -900/1000 I actually want. Terrible marketing strategy!

Back to the subject of the thread, the A300 also feels right. Perhaps a touch agile at times, although I’m in no position to claim that’s not the case in reality. When fully laden, she feels more-or-less as I’d expect. And like many study-level aircraft, she can’t be fuelled from the in-sim menu bar. You have to do it from the EFB.

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better than nothing, i’ll take em. thanks

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I may take the plunge today and buy in the Marketplace even though the PW update is coming to Xbox later. Will be fun to learn wile waiting on the 777 and v2 releases. Watching a few of A330 Driver’s tutorials is getting me there LOL!

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He’s good. I learned a lot from this guy.

Bought it, installed it, and out of FL180 for 330 OMY to MYNN from KMCO flying vintage AA colors in N70074! It’s very nice indeed!


Hi All
I have a question regarding steering during landing:

For some reasons I am unable to steer left/right once I touched down… This is the only plane I have this issue - PMDG/Fenix et. all behave as expected.

I had this issue also before the update - hoped it would be fixed but it seems that I must be doing something wrong. Any ideas?

Could you take a screenshot of your settings page in the EFB? I’m curious what your rudder/tiller and tiller disconnect settings are. I scanned through Discord and don’t see any other posts about this and I also haven’t had that type of issue yet.

I’m not at my computer right now but I’m sure you have to manually select whether you want the rudder tied to the tiller. By default you must use the tiller alone.

Only available in the freighter models. Why would you need stairs for boarding…passengers?

weird question, mate. do you think passengers free-climb into the plane when there’s not a jetway available?

@KnightofNi312 just said there were static stair models for the pax. are you saying he’s mistaken?

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can someone compare it with a310? fps, texture quality etc, worth buying?

It shares similarities with the 310 but you can tell the 300 is a flagship product rather than a freebie. It’s much more refined and, in my opinion, is nicer to hand-fly.

The jury’s still out on impact on fps as there are so many variables involved, but it seems okay to me.

Ah… apologies, I automatically assumed you meant the freighter as I haven’t much flown the passenger version. Sadly, no stairs for the latter, at least for now.

ok thanks for the info

Just making the point that it is ironic they left out stairs for passengers which are, of course, necessary on occasion. I shall sheath my sword of irony as it is not everyone’s strong suit.

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i totally agree. for some reason the cargo version got stairs but pax didin’t. don’t understand the design decisions behind this.

Because passenger versions used jetways or external robust stairs?


Can you not just request pax airstairs from the generic GS menu?

Hi, how can I download 4k liveries with the iniManager. I can not find an option to switch from 8k to 4k.
Thx for any help.