Inibuilds KDTW

Can anyone help with this
I bought this airport from MS Marketplace and it take the longest time to loadand after that the performance is really bad with very low fps…

Moved to World which is more appropriate :+1:

What are your specs?

Same here. I have a 58003dx with 7900xt. If you had purchased from the ini store, then performance can be tweaked, but the Marketplace version cannot. I hope they update with an optimized version.

Intel 7700k running at 4.8
Rtx 2060 ultra

Don,t have issues with all others

Running smooth as butter…

It’s fairly stuttery on Xbox too. More so than comparably sized/detailed airports. Just one of those things I guess…

Turn your settings down,Inibuilds airports are intensive,I tune em down with a RTX 3060,also with inibuilds airports you don’t buy them on MP if you wanna remove frame killers


Will try tuning it down a bit

What about the long loading times ???
Do you also have that issue

That might be due to the cpu being a bit on the older side I had a I3 9100 ogrinally and now I have a ryzen 5 7600…it’s better