Inibuilds P-40F

@EllsGaming any update from Microsoft on the Xbox marketplace release? Really hope it comes in today’s later marketplace update :pray:

It is due out today on Marketplace yes.



Zefram Cochrane would be proud of that comment.




Awesome thank you!


Available now!


Sweet about to purchase for XBOX. Is there a manual somewhere we XBOXer’s can download?


I’ll get that uploaded and will post the link here :slight_smile:


Flight Manual for Xbox Users here:


Overall, it is a very nice addon, particularly for the price. However the civilian depicted P-40F Lee’s Hope, the one belonging to the Fighter Collection, has way too much grime and weathering underneath it. That aircraft is kept in immaculate condition and I think it’s overdone here.

You can also slam the brakes on from the moment you land to the moment just before you stop and the tail doesn’t rise at all. I can’t imagine that is accurate.

The brakes also feel very underpowered for that reason. It takes forever to stop. I’m not worried about tipping over, because I use an axis to control braking power so some stronger brakes woud be appreciated.


There are a couple of issues that could do with addressing. The undercarriage legs both retract and deploy at nearly the same time whereas they are much more out of sync in real life.

Anyone else think this has A little too much pitch authority? With about 1/2 stick travel it begins to do a front flip.

Actually i have this issue with the msfs shop version:
-if i install the p40f from the store and fly in the same msfs session, all works well,
-but next time i launch msfs, i can no longer activate the fuel pump switch.
-a workaround is to use Ctrl-E to start the engine, it works, but fuel pump switch visually remains in off position.

Same here. Plus
-fluel amounts are not taken from in game flightplanner
-fuel is drawn from front and rear tank at the same time after starting engine with ctrl-e
-efb map does not sychronize with position, or maybe mouse clicks on efb are not recognized
-cowl flaps don’t change anything, not sure wether this is supposed to be simulated

This thing needs some work. How is inibuilds support contacted?

Here is their support information:

If I hit (left ctrl and enter), I should be applying right rudder trim, but the arrows … it’s pointing counter clockwise labeled L?

Oh I see now, the base plate with the numbers spin that way. Hmm ok😅

Well can we at least have a working way to reset trim with a keybind? Default keyboard for reset rudder or aileron don’t work.


Good morning Guys,
We are looking into the fuel pump issue as our Marketplace source files pre-ingestion are working fine and don’t cause this issue.

Thanks for feedback on the other issues, all noted and will look into and get back to you.



We are aware of an issue with the P-40F regarding the MS Marketplace build on PC in relation to the fuel pump switch. This seems to be intermittent for some users and we are currently working on a fix for this which will be patched immediately by us, but may take some time to hit the Marketplace due to processing times.

You can continue using the plane by the following methods:

  • Open the in-sim checklist, go to the Engine Start Procedure, select the “Fuel Pump” line and click “Tick Item”. The switch won’t physically show as on but it will be in the background.

  • Press CTRL+ E to auto-start the engine.