Initial Impressions from an X-Planer

Well I don’t know how much it cost them to get us here but I can’t even begain to think how the teams could afford to work for free this many years. At some point you have to just go with what you have and hope you have a mature enough group to keep you supported enough along the way ( bug fixes )

Day 7 of Release

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Yes, I actually like this analogy! X-Plane is a great simulator… for many it will take time to merge over to MSFS, for others they never will. That’s ok… I know MSFS has a way to go before maturing, but it is a heck of a start!


Who is Austin anyway? :joy::joy::joy:
(End of the line for my XP too by the way)…

Regarding everything being so green in MSFS2020, I agree. But, I also thought everything looked so brown and drab in Xplane, even before trying this new sim…


If you read all the criticisms of MSFS, a significant proportion have been created by people using the application as a map explorer, rather than as a simulator. Flying a simulator (or a real aircraft) involves very little time looking at the color of a roof, or whether each building is the right shape. It’s about FLYING, and keeping that aircraft safely in the air !!

It’s very early days as yet for MSFS, and there are without doubt a lot of bugs and warts to resolve - but my vote says the priority focus for correcting things should be aimed at the flight model - and we can worry about the flowers and plants at a later date

I have been so stressed.

All the increasingly bitter X-Plan vs MSFS threads. Do I keep X-Plane? Should I delete it now I have MSFS? The scenery’s soo good, but some of the IFR features are so buggy or missing…

Then I had a REVELATION! Yes - I can keep both of them! So here’s a cake … because apparently you can have it and eat it :slight_smile:


And yet again another thread where x-plane user can criticise FS2020 for its launch-date bugs and lack of expected features. Let us warmly welcome all such disappointed x-plane users to come here and criticise and remember that their expressed disappointment actually means that they want FS2020 with the expected feature because they are unhappy with X-plane. Perhaps they do that because they believe Asobo/MS reads all post and give them what they want. Hope so because that means we will also benefit.
So please let us invite them to make more complaints. :wink:


Yes, and a wonderful sTimulator that we can enjoy instead of having to endlessly tinker with because the developer refused to give his users what they want out-of-the-box.

For 14 Years since FSX has been dead, X-Plane should have caught up all the functionalities of FSX and probably should have „replace“ it.
IMO a complete global flight simulator should support following features, which X-Plane does not offer yet. (14 years!! Didn‘t they have enough time??)

  1. seamless transitions of seasons along a long haul trans-latitude flight.
  2. built in flight planer, integrated with default FMS and ATC, so that very basic IFR flight can be completed without any 3rd party addons, freeware or not.

In this my personal criteria, X-Plane has never been a complete sim. It has always been incomplete and unfinished product, and it will highly likely remain so for a (very long) foreseeable future.

MSFS, in its current states, is certainly far from a „perfect“ sim. But it already is at least feature-wise complete. It provides far better overall integrity in virtual experience of flying, or at least it aims to achieve it.

TLDR.: Flying in winter season with real weather on, but seeing green landscape all over the place… or sudden change to snowy landscape after loading screen is a big NoNo!!!


You forgot to mention that xplane looks like a 2004 sim. Have fun with your ancient tech. Nobody cares


Well, i’ve read some comments completely out of line, attacking x-plane just out of ignorance to justify those dollars on mfs2020. Pretty obvious by not knowing how to use flight planning like the previous post.
I use flight simulators for training and habituation and planning. I have ppl. I have also a fully hardware cockpit. At current state, is not possible to use the hardware i have with mfs2020, with the exception on yoke and rudders pedals. The eye candy is superb, but it feels like a unfinished piece of software. I hope it gets better since i can’t use the hardware cockpit that works flawlessly with FSX and X-plane 11. In the end, for real hardcore simmers, it’s not possible to ditch x-plane because mfs2020 is not good enough for MY mission.


OMGosh…That is one nice cake !!!
I would like one sent to me please… A raspberry cake just like the one pictured.
I’ll pay the shipping.


Hahahah you just made my night! (And I think I probably stole it)

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> I have Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU card which was running about 40% in MSFS and the CPU was up over 80%
Well there’s your problem right there, if your GPU isn’t at 75%+ your not trying :crazy_face:…on a far more serious note why do people expect MSFS to exceed the abilities of existing product that can have several generations of development with 3rd party addons compared to the first public release of a1st gen version…as the lovely cake above shows have both and eat all…

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If I buy a brand new car, I expect it to be better than a model that was developed ten years ago precisely because its new. It should be better precisely because its not hampered by its old graphics and weather engines or the need to be backwards compatible with old tech. .

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If you are buying a new model from the same manufacturer you are absolutely correct, Asobo have always stated the first public release is the start of their development not the end.

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And I look forward to seeing where they take it. Its going to be an interesting ride.

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I guess we do have to agree to disagree and these are , after all, nitial impressions. I don’t have 666 tattooed on my cranium!

I think FlipPenguin8929 has the most telling comments. Quote “If you are running at medium graphics forget it and go back to Xplane until you upgrade” unquote

Well maybe when you click on MSFS2020 to put it in your shopping basket you should get a warning “Don’t buy this product unless you have a high end computer and can run at high graphics settings” ??

Unfortunately in these uncertain times I for one, and I suspect many thousands of others, will have to wait for that high spec pc.

I have invested in the product and will continue to investigate its possibilities within the limits of my pc. Maybe in two month’s time I will be back on here extolling the program and announcing that I have deleted X-Plane. Who knows?

Why Vulkan is related to Low FPS? (if that is What you meant to say).
I think 80% of what you said are opinions. And that is fine.I am sure many won’t agree with your opinions, I don’t, but many will agree. That is fine.
Flight model → opinions, you feel it awful, I feel it really great indeed. The planes are generic and I am sure A2A could do it better. At the end, flight model is just an opinion of how you believe it is correct or not. Just an opinion. Xplane has its own flight model praised for many years so it is hard to argue with that, I agree that their FM also feels great.
The KROA thing, that is fair, most of us are having BIG problems with performance.
The Vatsim thing, also, fair enough to complain. What DL speed are you using? I am sure you have 100+ Mbts.
The cloud thing, for you they look bad, for me they look like the best thing ever. There are pros and cons. At the end just an opinion.
What is a “serious flight simmer” ? I consider myself a serious flight simmer and for me it is great, I can do IFR just fine, I love to fly IFR and VFR, both are just ok, like in every sim. With better planes to come, we will have better experiences flying IFR and VFR. We have just basic planes to taste the sim a bit (my opinion).

The Camera thing, another opinion, there are people that pay to have unlimited number of cameras (in other sims). You might like it or not, that is fine, but an opinion at the end.

The last sentence, that was hard brother lol I prefer 100 times MSFS over any other, mostly because I can fly a 152 from VOR to VOR and practice IFR maneuvers and procedures, always on unpopulated or mostly inhabited locations, If I fly next to big cities my FPSs drop to 15.

Seriously, we need to start to differentiate anger from fair claims. We are all suffering the Unrealized Expectation. I was expecting better planes in terms of instruments and avionics for example, I hate glass cockpits and most of the planes came with big screens. I would have preferred 1 perfect plane over 20 generic.

We just need to wait. In a couple of months you will love the sim like all of us, or at least you will hate it a bit less ;-). cheers mate, please, imagine a friendly tone from me, We just need to stop the negative energy on this forum.

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Imagine writing this and actually believing this is true. A beautiful display of what ‘being in denial’ means. :grinning: