Initial Release: Grumman Goose G21A Redux II

Initial Release: The Goose is ALMOST Cooked

I am very proud to welcome you to the first release from Wookiee’s Hanger: “Grumman Goose G21A Redux II” for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This is a faithful and loving restoration and upgrade of the “Ozx Grumman G21A Goose HD Redux” which itself was a loving restoration and upgrade of the default Goose for FSX.

This release is also an Early Preview version and is not considered final. There will be things that may not be complete or working and if it not for the terrible terrible year that was 2020 I would hold off releasing at this point. But I want to bring a little joy to our community and I think she’s in a place to do just that. Whilst the full radio stack is mostly INOP, you can still do a complete and faithfull Cold and Dark start and complete short journey’s with her.

This add-on is only possible due to Microsoft’s fantastic Game Content Usage Rules, available here: Game Content Usage Rules | Xbox

Microsoft Flight Simulator © Microsoft Corporation. “Grumman Goose G21A Redux II” was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from MS Flight Simulator X, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

On the 10th of October 2020 I messaged Pam “Warchild” Booker with a screenshot of the OzX Goose sitting in Microsoft Flight Simulator with the following:
:smile: Next private conversion. Wanna play?

I had originally contacted Pam to help me with converting the IRIS P-40E Twin freeware to MSFS (we will release at some point) and little did I know that we would team up and work on several different aircraft (all as yet unreleased) and that this flippant little comment would spark a project that would take 2 months to get to this initial release with a fair bit of development still a head of us. The original OzX release was over 5 months in development and we may come close to that as well.

I’ve always loved Radial engine aircraft, especially anything amphibious. At one point I had saught and received permission to convert the incredible LDR Grumman Mallard for FSX over to the X-Plane platform, as that was my preferred simulator. I flew many many hours in that Mallard and got some ways through my XP conversion before I got involved in other projects like the MD500D Rebuild for XP11. During this time I knew about the Goose but never really gave it a chance, until I found the OzX Goose Redux and was really blown away with what that team was able to achieve. I am certain that this Goose would not look anywhere near as good as it does right now without the incredible work of that team (extracted from the original documentation):

Pam “Warchilld” Brooker: Flight model
Steven “Gizmo” Hingley: Normall & Spec mapping, 3 Main paint schemes, VC Re-texturing/Night lighting, Wake Effects/Particle textures, Master paint kit layout
Butch ‘Butch’’ Menchaca:: Two screws and a washer! Hehehehe… Ok seriouslly, Spec mapping, 3 main paint schemes, VC Re-texturing, Master paint kit detaills and two screws and a washer!! Hehehe…

As the saying goes:

We stand on the shoulders of giants

Thank you Pam, Steven and Butch for making a true classic for the Flight Sim community, I hope we do you proud with our update to your… update. :slight_smile:

A mostly complete change list is provided below and you can see the current development list here: Trello

We would greatly appreciate bug reports and suggestions for improvement going forward. If you wouldn’t mind using the BUG REPORT template below when you post a bug report it will greatly assist the team in tracking down your particular issue.

Thank you for trying out this early preview. We’re really excited to hear back from and can’t wait to hear about your flights and see some fantastic shots of this water bird in her true. natural environment.

Wookiee’s Hanger Team
OzWookiee aka BeeJay Bristow-Stagg
Warchild aka Pam Booker

  • Pam Booker appears courtesy of Jade Island Flight Center


EDIT: 23rd December: HotFix 1 for CTDs and Electricals issues. Also fixes Attitude Indicator reversed pitch.
30 December: HotFix 2 fixes texture issue on engines and cowling as reported by Jan Kees.

13 June 2021: FINALLY! Radio screens working, fixed HSI CDI and added TO/FROM indicator. Integrated invisible water rudder until Asobo fix differential thrust. All animations converted to new format and no legacy code remains in the Goose. Unfortunately have not updated LOD animations and so they are INOP until I get another spare weekend. This means that if you do any multiply flights then the other Goose may not animate correctly.

28th August 2021: Update for SU5 compatibility including the new FX! Very little remains apart from fixing the coding for the HSI and DME


Issue Experienced:
Expected Behaviour:
Steps to Reproduce:
Please include screenshots and or video where possible.


Update flight model to msfs standards
Update Yoke to use ModelBehaviour
Update Pedals to use ModelBehaviour
Fix anim on fuel pumps
Create basic pbr comp files for all liveries
Update all interior anims to new modelbehaviour template format
Convert original mdl to native gltf format
Upscale all liveries to 4k using AI Upscaler
Upscale other low res texture resources using AI Upscaler
First pass on exterior lighting
First pass on interior lighting
Transfer exterior lods from mdl to gltf
Remove unneeded external geo in interior model no longer needed with new technique of showing exterior with interior model
Adjust interior and exterior geometry to better fit together
Replace 2D radio stack with new 3D version
3D Clock instrument
3D Rudder trim wheel
3D Attitude Indicator
3D ADF instrument
3D Flaps indicator
3D Manifold Pressure
3D RPM instrument
3D Altimeter
3D Suction instrument
3D Radio alt instrument
3D Fuel and oil temps instrument
3D Annunciator lights
3D Elelvator trim handle
3D Airspeed instrument
3D Compass
3D Turn coordinator
3D CHT and Carb Temp instruments
3D Ammeters
Annunciators tooltips


Cold and Dark Start Checklist

  • Master Battery on co-pilot switch panel
  • Fuel Cutoff 1 & 2 ON (behind pilots head)
  • Mixture Rich
  • Prop Full
  • Throttle Cracked
  • Fuel Pump (overhead pilot or on Co-Pilot Switch)
  • Mags ON
  • Flip Starter right to start right engine
  • Adjust to 15" MP
  • Flip Starter left to start left engine
  • Adjust to 15" MP

Awesome job Wookiee, Warchild and the team… :slight_smile: Looking forward to getting stuck in. :smiley:


Amazing work, OzWookiee! Brilliant job on those instruments.


Best Christmas gift ever!


Sweet!!! Love me some Goose flying.

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Well done work!

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Bora Bora, here we come!


Its a beauty


Firing up MSFS as we speak. THANKS!

Any plans for a github/discord place or somewhere to get organized better?


Awesome love the Goose! Love radials!

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That sir, just made my day! <3

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Thank you very much! Everyone who is behind this fantastic plane and release! Merry Xmas, a awesome present to every fs simerian! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for the early Christmas gift. Look forward to watching the project mature to its completion. Good luck!

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Very good stuff: congratulations and BRAVO !

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Finaly: The first “real” engines in MSFS :star_struck:

Thanks a lot !!


Thanks man. Look for more later in the New Year. Have a few other paying projects that need my attention and I’ll let you all know about that too when I can!