Initial Release: Grumman Goose G21A Redux II

fantastic looking aircraft i remember well from earlier flight sim , i have had 4 CTD though on the goose , first two were selecting a cold dark start on london city airport in us navy livery , final two were airstarts on the default burgundy and cream machine and when i moved the stick hat to view right it lifted my view outside the aircraft then crashed both times , flight dynamics are great with nice sedate handling and a continuous roll to left so you always need to be on your toes with it or trim it , great to see such a glamorous old beast in the sim and great work despite her flaws


Amazing! Love the goose… just in time for the vr patch!

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Similar here. I can’t start a flight without a CTD. I will test more and see if I can figure out what the cause is.

EDIT - just want to add I’m NOT complaining :slight_smile: I realize this is new and we’ll have to work through some issues. Fine by me :slight_smile:

EDIT2 - OK. I can start in the air just fine! She flies like a DREAM. Still testing.

EDIT3 - Tell me if this is annoying you all. Hoping to maybe help those trying to fly this bird. After about 5m I had a CTD. I was flying into Paris, seemed to be when trying to load in Paris assets? I cleared out my Community except for the Goose and testing again. BRB.

EDIT4 - Flying GREAT! Something is naughty in my Community folder! With just the plane loaded it starts cold, on the runway, and in air just fine. Autopilot works great if the keybinds are setup. Everyone must have this plane! :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for the feedback. As for the CTDs unfortunately these are Sim crashes and nothing I can really help with HOWEVER, I know for a FACT that Asobo ALWAYS want to hear about CTDs as the sim should NEVER CTD. I’m just going to quickly find some links on the best way to report these crashes so that Asobo can fix them.

There is rudder trim available just in front and to the left of the pilots seat so yea, go ahead and trim her out :slight_smile:

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OK @sttovo and @mushioni
In particular the big about retrieving the Crash Logs.
How to retrieve crash logs


Thanks for looking into this. Will be interesting to see if you can find anything.

i was just about to fill in a feedback form but yes it is more likely sim based as i also have had a crash yesterday with the vl3 so in hindsight i think thats more likely , the goose i really liked the look of , cockpit is really well done and vintage feeling and you do sense that with the pipework and aeroquip hoses everywhere , the right view thing possibly a camera height issue in its cfg ? no biggie for me because it is a great piece of work and not a single mfd in sight just oil and steam gauges

i will do some digging on the CTD issue but really dont fancy a full reinstall with it being vr launch day and the goose will be the dogs danglies for that scenario and that trip up the amazon in search of gold

and thank you as well … because it is free so merry xmas to all involved

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Flew for 30mn, take off, water landing, water takeoff, flew around, runway landing.
Main issues :

  • The whole radio stack stayed black.
  • couldn’t drop down the gear before landing, had to belly land.

Oh and no CTD for me (20min flight in the USNavy livery).

I love '30s planes and this one is very promising, it has the “right feel”. :slight_smile:
When the bugs are ironed out, I’m sure I’ll fly it a lot. :+1:


Yea the whole Radio Stack is INOP and I forgot to put that in the OP. Fixed.

Did you have the Generators on?

Oh sorry, it was already there : “Whilst the full radio stack is mostly INOP …”
On my way to the 2nd test flight to check the generators. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Congrats on the release! Now just a day of work to get past so I can try it out. Also a big thank you for your work on the 500D for XP, I spent a lot of time flying that!

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Hello, MSFS return to desktop immediatly

Clear out your Community folder except for this plane and try again. I had the same issue. Some addon is causing a problem. Now to figure out which one.

floatting without the floaters… hmmm

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Oh cool! Trying it out now, a few rambling notes:

  • The .7z download required me to pop into Windows Subsystem for Linux to use p7zip as I didn’t feel like tracking down a Windows 7zip decompressor :wink:
  • I do have a few other things in my community folder (liveries and a couple aircraft and scenery bits), can remove them if i notice any conflicts. No changes to core files or features though.
  • loaded up outside St Petersburg Florida at the Sunshine Skyway bridge in the air, looks great so far!
  • I turned off the MSFS autopilot which is always on when starting in the air, and gonna fly!
  • graphics performance inside the cockpit and out feels good; no fps slowdowns :slight_smile:
  • that air speed indicator in MPH will take getting used to :wink: but I assume it’s authentic! :wink: knots are still visible on external view HUD.
  • the instrument panel camera views seem… really confusing to me. Some of them point outside or at random things and the ones that point at the panel are at high angles or zoomed way out and make it hard to read the instruments. :frowning:
  • flew around the bay from the Tampa/Brandon side to St Pete side, and did a water landing off St Petersburg. Just floated down until I was literally floating in the water. :wink: Beautiful! :smiley:

I really enjoyed my first test flight in this plane, and look forward to flying it more! Good work team!!!


Oh one more thing –

Expected behavior: engines continue to idle after throttling down after landing
Actual behavior: engines cut off
Steps to reproduce:

  • Start in the air at Sunshine Skyway Bridge outside St Petersburg Florida
  • Turn off autopilot
  • find a nice place to land in the water, and slowly throttle down, put down flaps, and settle in the water
  • throttle all the way down by hitting the “decrease throttle” button until can’t any more

After landing I found the engine had stopped completely though I had only throttled down all the way, and throttling back up from idle naturally doesn’t restart them.

Is it supposed to keep idling at lowest throttle or is it supposed to cut off?

[EDIT] I am using xbox controller for throttle (yes I know, not ideal) and it appears throttling down all the way puts it to 25% reverse thrust. Could going in reverse have caused the engines to stop during landing? Mixture is still set at 100% full rich, so I didn’t just accidentally set mixture to cutoff. Fuel cutoff valves are still set to “on”.

[EDIT 2] Trying to reproduce the conditions on a second attempt, I encountered a sim hang (not CTD, it just froze/hung MSFS so I’ll have to kill it from Task Manager) while attempting to put down the left-side float arm. Might be coincidence.

Wow :sunglasses:

It seems to be good, I have only traffic ship of henrik nielsen and it goes well , thanks other probleme, the engine stoppe regulary…

Does it work in VR , all convert from fsx crash when I enter VR mode ?

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Dont idle the engines :slight_smile: