Innsbruck LOWI LOC East approach still wrong after WU6

#pc, Steam version, A32NX

Yesterday I flew the Innsbruck LOWI LOC East approach first time after installing WU6.
The localizer heading is still wrong!!! Should be 255 but is still parallel to the Rwy.
One year in to MSFS2020, LOWI being a handcrafted airport and now after WU6 including Austria ASOBO still did not manage to fix on of the most iconic approaches. And yes, offset localizer are possible in MSFS, Tivat for example works perfectly. Can anybody please confirm?

Confirmed. It’s the same with e.g. the ILS 04R at LFMN.


WU6 was a pure optical update and flight/aviation related issues fell short unfortunately.

Did you file it via Zendesk? I fear it will be hard to get enough votes to be put in the top bug rankings.

Thanks for the replies. I will file a report with Zendesk now that this is confirmed.
Quite frustrating…


see my post Innsbruck LOWI LOC East approach FIXED! , that worked for me. I can try to fix LFMN the same way.

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I´ve also posted a fix for LFMN here Nice LFMN ILS 4R approach FIXED!