Innsbruck (LOWI) - Runway 26 Localizer DME East Approach help (a320)

Hi all,
I was trying to fly the “Localizer DME East Approach” into LOWI in the default a320 and I have some queries if someone can please assist.

  • If this is a Localiser (LOC) approach why do then do you get a Glideslope indication that the AP follows without having to manually dial in a descent rate? I thought localisers only provided lateral guidance?

  • What is the correct AP sequence to follow on this approach? I’ve seen some Youtubes where they just hit the LOC button near ADWIG, and others where they hit LOC then APPR.
    (& some where they programme FPA -3.8 degrees - but I can’t do that in the default a320 - says “Inop.”)

  • What does “OEV” stand for?

  • What is the approach most used from the East in bad weather conditions in real life?

Hi, I would suggest download FBW Mod honestly it is amazing bit of work from MCDU to FPA, also download flightplan from simbrief with fuel zwcg. Its free. However you can contribute monthly to the project or one off payment…its amazing honest. The defa

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You’re correct that a localizer approach is a non precision approach and shouldn’t provide GS information. Any chance your plane inadvertently got set up for one of the RNAV approaches?? I’ve flown that approach in the 930 and didn’t pick up a GS.

Definitely get a GS purple diamond indicator the a320 follows after hitting APPR near ADWIG. I selected LOC26 as the landing runway option in the flight plan setup so I don’t know what’s happening.

I gave the FBW Dev Mod a go but got the GPS & TCAS errors where there was nothing on the flight displays which put me off it a bit. Went to the stable version and no FPA option.

You’d think with such mountainous terrain around LOWI they’d have full-on precision ILS in both directions (08 & 26) for safety.


Try that approach with the WT CJ4. It will fly the approach perfectly. With the added bonus of VNAV that will compute and auto descend for you if you so wish.

Terrain layout is the reason for that I believe. There’s hardly any possibility for a straight line of sight for the ILS beam extending over the required distance and glide And that is also the reason why the localizer is offset from the runway center line for RWY 26.

I Confirm, LOWI LOC approach no GS.

Cheers everyone for the info.

The Localizer/DME East approach and the Localizer / DME West DO have a glideslope! Since the direction is offset due to terrain, and not straight aligned with the runway, and the glideslope being steeper than normal, the approach does not fulfill the requirements of a true ILS. Hence the designation of Localizer / DME East or West approach. Since both approaches include a glideslope, Jeppesen hat grouped them into the category 11-1 and 11-3, just like ILS approaches on their charts.
Hope this makes sense.