Inop flaps

Not sure if this is a bug yet, so I’ll put it here since I fly the Longitude the most, but I have the same issue with the TBM. Since the last update, I’ve lost the ability to deploy flaps. I have it programmed to a switch on my TM Warthog and it worked before last update. I’ve searched the forum and it seems some users had a similar issue that was fixed and I’ve tried those without success,
I’ve verified I’m set to Modern and the flaps are not set in anything else such as keyboard, etc. I’m unable to move the flap selector in the cockpit using the mouse.
Any ideas?

Solved. Apparently the last update, added a flap function to a Warthog throttle switch. Canceled that and now flaps work with the switch on my Joystick as originally programmed.

Side note: If you want a landing challenge, try landing the Longitude without flaps and a frozen Garmin screen.