Input assignment quality of life request

Would really love to be able to assign an input by pressing on said input. For example as of right now to assign an input to the rudder axis. I have to edit the axis then find the Z axis item in the drop down that is my rudders and select it. Would be a lot easier if I could just press on the rudder peddles and have the UI assign the correct axis to the rudders.

Also in the assigned inputs UI If I press a button or axis command the UI should scroll to that assign input to make it easy to find what it is assigned to.


You can assign an input by pressing the button. If you press the search box then press the input/move the axis it will assign to that.

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Which device are you using? I’m using a xbox 360 controller and I can’t assign the z-axis (triggers) to the rudder axis. It doesn’t even show up in the drop down.

Can only assign LT or RT separately, but they will act like normal buttons.

Hi there,
I am closing this because it is already possible to do.

  1. Open up the axis you want to assign.
  2. Click the “START SCANNING” button.
  3. Start moving the axis, or clicking the button you want to assign to it.

(Note: Ignore the warning message on the second screenshot. I was using a peripheral that already has an assigned axis somewhere else. If you were setting up your rudders for the first time, you would not see this message.)