Input Mapping Improvement Please!

Hello guys! Congratulations on the release.

The sim is very nice looking and no one can deny that, but the custom mapping system is silly and the camera system is overcomplicated and clunky, really. I know the FSX/P3D default camera was very far away from perfect, or maybe I’m just too used to ChasePlane but… when you make your own custom keyboard bindings, why doesn’t it automatically remove the other bindings? Why do you have to search for those and remove them individually so they don’t cause a mess to the sim? This has specifically given me a headache when trying to configure camera bindings. I believe this needs to be adressed with a very big priority. I don’t consider myself a ‘veteran’ simmer, but I’ve been around for some years and the panning around the plane needs to be back, it’s a simple feature that I’d never thought I’d miss, at least while I wait for third party camera systems. Or maybe I’m just missing out on how to use it…

Thanks and keep up the work!

You can pan around the plane (cockpit and outside) by right clicking (and holding) the mouse button and moving the mouse. You can zoom with the mouse wheel. It’s rather nice. Try it and see

(I can’t remember if it maps by default, or I had to bind Freelook… I’ll dig up screenshots if it doesn’t work for you.)

Panning is available, depending on your devices you may have to map them as I did for my yoke here:

I am pleased that you’re here in the forum. But I am very dismayed to read that a longstanding problem was never addressed. I was an alpha/beta tester right from the beginning. Over the past 12 months, I sent at least half a dozen messages to Asobo about the exact problem you mentioned – the default bindings are not removed when you make new assignments. So the same key or button will do two unrelated things simultaneously, like lowering the landing gear while changing the camera position. Finding the default bindings and deleting them by hand was a horrendously complicated task. They should be deleted automatically when new keys or buttons are assigned. Every time I received a survey solicitation from Asobo to give private, personal assessments, I’d invariably mention this issue. I thought it would be fixed by release. It obviously hasn’t been. Thank you for the heads up.

And how do you use combination keybinds? I can get the combination bind to register in the menu but it won’t work in game. for example, the thumb button and hat switch won’t work for pan camera.

Thanks guys, now I know. It improved the experience by miles.

Thanks! Now I’m getting a better grip on the sim, but it’s nice to see you’re being heard.

One possible option is to create a new profile, ensuring it has no bindings and then set as you want. You then have to finish by ensuring the new profile is the active profile.

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