Insane clicking in Cessna 172

I have noticed an incessant clicking noise in the Cessna 172 fleet since the SU5 update. I have adjusted all my sliders and controls, and when it clicks I carefully look at every lever every button especially the trim wheel and the mixture etc. Nothing is moving when the clicking noise takes place but as long as the aircraft itself is in flight it is driving me absolutely insane every few seconds click click click. Is anybody else noticing this? It only seems to occur on the Cessna 172.

I’ve flown the Cessna 172/G1000 a fair bit in the 1.18.x builds. Have not heard anything resembling that.
Is it like a sound effect from a knob/switch being continually manipulated or is it audio crackling/breakup?

It’s the trim of the C172 classic. Check other posts

Reported in this thread.