Insert Disc Error all of a sudden!

Ok, I know we have seen this before: we have a digital version, yet get this message.
From this forum and elsewhere, “could be the server, could be the Digital Ownership File, could be latest update, could be???” - tried everything more than once, but solution not found!
The story: Everything working fine, then 4 days ago I got a message that it could not sync my data from the cloud. I waited a day because I heard that there was a cyber attack on a cloud server in USA. So I waited another day, then another.
Finally, on day 4, it loaded and asked me to “Insert Disc”. But, I have no disc!
So, I did everything suggested in this forum, online, everything X-Box suggested. In the end, I uninstalled the sim and reinstalled completely, - 6 times!
Guess what? “Insert Disk” still comes up.
Then, on 7th reinstall after I deleted everything that could possibly be related to MSFS, finally went to the start screen, without “Press any key…” message. Just sits there now and spins, and spins, and spins…
I am now waaay over-limit on my IT skills (and my patience).
Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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