Install Drive letter


I’m not installing yet - Just a quick query about the installation drive - Usually all programs get installed to C: which is the main system drive on PC.

Extra content can sometimes be installed onto other drives such as E: for example.

Is MSFS (Steam) fussy about locations? - When the time comes it’ll be on SSD - etc…Maybe Raid 0 - I’ll see - but this query is about how MSFS installer likes it / allows it - Any basic info. welcome - Thank you.

In Steam - make a new game directory on the ssd drive when you download the game launcher. Then after the game starts to run and asks for location , give it the exact same location as you installed the game launcher ie d:/steam/steamapps/common/microsoftflightsimulator, everything will wind up in this one directory instead of being spattered across a couple of different drives.

I‘ve had MSFS on E: since release, it had some problems right after it during the first two or three updates but nothing since then.