Install Froze?

So I spent 10 Hours installing the game only for it to freeze on the last 3 gb. I waited a good 30 mins before restarting my pc and my internet. This did you seem to work. So in the end i have had to start installing the game again. I am very tempted to Refund the game as this has upset me dearly!

Is it downloading ALL of it or just the remaining 3 Gig? Mine froze as well, but it only downloaded the portion that it needed too.

Just the 3.68 Gig. Ive just started it back up and its the same 3 gig. Do you know how to fix this issue?

I’m have the same, or very similar issue. The install seems to be stuck at about 85%, then sits there for hours crunching on the very same file. After hours, I killed everything, restarted the entire computer, logged in again, and the system did pick up where it left off, then did the same thing again, in the very same spot with the very same file - it just sat there. I can’t get beyond this.

This is the string where it is just hung:
[91%] Downloading fs-base-cgl-0.1.21.fspackage.029…

I sure hope someone can help. It’s been a long wait to get this, especially when I paid for the PREMIUM package. Help please??

Hi Guys,
I’m frozen at the same spot and am unable to get past this 3.68gb download. i tried opening the game as an administrator but it did the same thing. I have premium too. (:slight_smile: