Install issues on Xbox game pass PC

Hey guys, im trying to install Flight Sim 2020 on my pc through xbox game pass PC. My issue is it just wont install. I pick a drive i want to install it on, it starts downloading but the problem is it isnt actually downloading. The space on the chosen drive is the same as it was before i started the download. I have tried several drives. Any other game i select to download works fine. My computer is completely up to date as well. I have tried through the microsoft store and that is no help either as it does the same thing. Is this a known issue? Super frustrating since i have no issues at all downloading anything else. Thanks for your help.

I had the same issue going through game pass, I made sure my windows 10 was updated and in game pass it stopped with the blue line about half way in. I ctl, alt, del, and in task manager I ended the installer. When I started the installer again it worked fine. Hope this helps, Scott

Hi @Moparcharger345 - Have you checked this info from Microsoft?

Hey guys, i appreciate you taking the time to respond. I have gone through all that both of you mentioned. I have windows inside build, do you guys think this may be causing the issue??

You would think Microsoft would have tested it with all of their builds, maybe it fell through the cracks. I dont have the inside build, I would all Microsoft support.