Install & Load noise

Just wanted to say the repetitive noise during install/download or loading is really pathetic. Cmonnn at least put some half decent music for the wait time…constant loop is ■■■■.

Yeah, agree with you on this one. I had to go to my sound mixer and mute the flight sim during the initial install.

If someone wants to find a negative thing he will find one. If I want to hear music I will take out my mp3 player. If I want to install a game I’m fine with just turning off the sound if I dont like it.
The developers will surely have enough to work with fixing all the important bugs at the moment.
I dont see a sense to change the install music theme right now!

Just installed today (about 5h) on a fast computer it then went into update mode and at my current download speed around 8megs the 16gb update will take all night !