Install Mysteries

Hi I’m not that IT savvy and there are some things about the FS install that confuse me.

In the past its been simple - the installer asks you to choose a path and it is installed with no fuss. Somehow I managed to get this game installed on a drive other than C: (my E drive which is a 1TB SSD). However:

  • There is also a mirror of the install on C: full of shortcuts
  • The install on E: mirrors a C drive user path

Also, when I downloaded the update , the install window showed the C: path but in fact it installed in the correct E path.

All very confusing. I have searched the forums but cannot find any basic description of the installation strategy that MS is using. Been thinking about uninstalling and starting again.

Can anyone provide clarification. Am I missing something?

Dave G :dizzy_face:

yes, that was before patch, after patch is stay, so i just move digital owner and game to system drive, so no i haven’t on my other drive copy of that, but when you will if you will, look carefully, it ask you, do you need move with all contain download or not, check this off, and go on, after this manipulation i found swapfile.sys on my drive appear, before i have there only one sys - pagefile… may be this prevent some ctd btw