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Well it’s already looping on decompression of an airport file. Think I’m going to give up and purchase Steam version. This is ridiculous. Going on 4 days and no help from desk. Just send links to go through troubleshooting. Well I’ve been doing it for 4 days. I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks

It sticks overnight sometimes. It’s brand new build 12700K, 32G DDR4, 1Tb NVME C drive plus a 500G NVME for MSFS and a 8TB drive for files. Asus ROG Z690-A. Windows 11 home

I am now resetting whole PC and will try MSFS install on fresh install of Windows 11

Froze during decompression of Zurich airport and crashed. This is running newly installed Windows 11 with nothing else installed. Don’t know what to try next. What does it take for support to actually take a look at my PC? I’ve been building and repairing PC’s for over 10 years and never had a problem that there was no solution or fix. Should I try Steam version? I don’t want to pay again not knowing if I’ll have same problem. Thanks

I don‘t want to shatter your hopes, but I guess that the Steam version wouldn‘t behave any different. There might be a few differences in the „main executable“: I assume that the Steam version is using the Steam API to log achievements whereas the Microsoft Store version is using the „XBox API“ (?) - and the in-game marketplace must be using different APIs as well (e.g. in the Steam version you merely buy „credits“ in the Steam shop, which can then be used to purchase the actual product).

But apart from those minor „store/game API“ differences I expect the vast majority of game code - and specifically asset data such as the mentioned Zurich airport - to be identical.

Or in other words: once the „main executable“ is launched the in-game update process is identical. So if that fails with the Microsoft Store variant on that particular PC, then I‘d expect it to fail with the Steam version as well.

But… who knows…

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Well, trying a completely different path here: have you considered that some hardware may be faulty here? Or „overclocked“? Specifically RAM comes to mind.

Uncompressing data and storing it on disk should be pretty unspectacular - so if you get „random crashes“ this might be an indication of faulty RAM.

Maybe try to replace the RAM, in case you have some spare RAM lying around (even if just 8 GB or so), to see whether that makes any difference?

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Great idea. My new rig is running the 12700K with DDR4 3600. Didn’t activate XMP but I’ll check. Old rig with i7 7700K has DDR4 3200. Both 32 G. Maybe I’ll swap them out and see what happens. I don’t have either CPU overclocked. Never into overclocking, I know what you’re going to say “why do you buy K models then?” LOL. Thanks for the tip. Sounds promising.

Thanks. You saved me 100 dollars!

My old PC has MSFS on a separate SSD. What if I took that out of first PC and put it in second then make sure path to that SSD is correct? I’m reaching here.

No. I am not going to say that. In fact, I don’t even know what “K models” are, LOL :wink:

It’s been a long time since I took PC apart myself (we’re talking SCSI controllers, VLB graphic cards (Tseng Labs ET4000, yeah!) 486 CPUs, and some “light fiddling” with early Pentium CPU based computers back in the days).

In fact, I am running Flight Simulator 2020 on a Mac duck and cover :wink: So I lost track about all the gazillion of Intel CPUs, GPUs and memory types (I barely know that DDR5 exists - or so…)

So no, I am not going to ask about “K models” :wink:

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The right way to do this, is to install MSFS 2020 through its intended installation method. If that isn’t working, troubleshoot that and open a ticket on that.

Its the attempting to copy folders from one PC to another which is making what you are doing unsupportable from MS’s perspective.

Yes, if the new PC is crashing when trying to download/uncompress, that is an issue to be looked at as a priority. If I were to look at it, I’d start with a complete stress and reliability test on that PC and I would expect to find it crashing under those workloads.

Could be temperatures, heat management, or memory bad timings, or power supply not able to supply stable power, and many more possibilities.

And yes, if XMP is not enabled, I’d do that first. Your motherboard will likely find the best parameters to run that memory.

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Haha. Thanks. I think you’re on right track. I played with some bios settings and it froze up during install a lot more so probably a RAM problem. Have go a little more research with these Z690 boards.

Success! Special thanks to Steeler. He got me on right track with RAM. I went it to BIOS and reset everything to default even though I didn’t touch BIOS settings yet as it is brand new build. I tried installing without installing any of the Asus software. It still looped or crashed.Then installed Asus software and it still looped or crashed. I was about to swap out my RAM and try again. It crashed again and I realized my rookie mistake. Even though mobo was brand new I didn’t check for BIOS update. I read people were having stability issue with the DDR4 before the BIOS update. Updated the BIOS and ran straight through the install with no crashes. I can kick myself. Four days of aggravation that probably could have been prevented by a simple BIOS update. I want to thank everyone for their help.


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You actually led me to solution. Thanks. Maybe you should get the credit

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