Install screwed up (by me!)

It would appear that the key for my boxed version of MS Flight Simulator [2020] has been used against my Digital version pre-order. I am thinking I should have uninstalled game pass and sim before installing boxed version but how do i fix this now without having to delete everything and buying another copy!?

A bit of background:

  1. Downloaded Xbox game pass for PC to trial the simulator and loved it so much I wanted to buy it.
  2. Wanted a hard copy of the game (for some unknown reason) so purchased the boxed Standard Edition form an online supplier
  3. Installed the boxed DVD’s onto my game SSD for flight sims Drive ‘G’
  4. On completion of the install Windows Store opened for me to input the ‘Key’ and started to download another 1gb of content from the store.
  5. Sim starts no problem, downloaded update installed onto game SSD
  6. Sim appears to work without problems but
  7. There are only 2 aircraft available the Daher and the Cessna 152.

I have noticed that I have a packages on my ‘C’ drive in app data which I think is the problem but how do I fix this. If I uninstall the sim and try to reinstall it outside of game pass it just says that the key has been registered to another user, which I assume is my game pass user name?

Aerosoft cannot help because this appears to be a Microsoft account mix up on my part but I really want to be able to play the game I have purchased.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sorted, totally my fault as you all probably know!

Went to xbox game pass and downloaded it from the store. I wouldn’t recommend the boxed version as it has a one time key and to use the sim I have to insert a disc. Also I can’t sell it, should I ever want to so absolutely no point in it.
Hey Ho you live and learn :wink: