Installation and update

Greetings to all, new to Flight Simulator - and Steam edition is downloading as we speak.
One anomaly which might save me some time later if I need to do anything…

I left the Sim downloading overnight thinking I’d be up and running this morning. I found that the download had stopped at only 15 gig - loss of connection. Hit the resume key, and after ten mins, nothing seemed to be happening.
I closed the programme, and reopened. Instead of resuming the initial 150G download, it started downloading the update. Not sure how this will work as only 15gig of the initial installation took place.

Do I need to stop the update, uninstall everything and start the whole process again, or will it all come right in the end, so to speak?

Happy days…

Let it run. If you’re not sure where it stopped, most times the installer will pick up where it left off.

Still running, and thanks for the reply.
The only reason I had for concern was that the initial installation is 150 gig - and I only got 15 gig into that overnight.
Today’s update is a shade under 95gig, so I’m sure there’s a shortfall somewhere!

Not sure what’s going on, but a base installation of the sim with just the two default planes - 152 and TBM, is a shade over 90GB. Yesterday’s update if you were on top of changes up to and including the flaps hotfix should be considerably less than that.

Thanks again - it’s a brand new installation of the fully Premium package.
I’d assumed today that the update was the rather substantial one I’d read about yesterday, unless that is now incorporated into the main installation. I know for sure that what’s being installed now is not the base game…

Ok, so that makes more sense. Premium will be big - on the order of 130GB or so - then the numbers you’re seeing are starting to reconcile.

Interestingly enough, my Steam Library informs me that I have been ‘playing’ for 17 hrs!!! Installing the game for 17hrs more like…!!!

The time the “installer” is up counts towards “play time.” Which caused a lot of problems with people dissatisfied with the product in August, it was a bit touch and go to get refunds.

…because Steam only install 500mb, and we have to open the game to compete the installation.
Naughty of them for sure!!!
I’m hoping a refund won’t be necessary as I’m looking forward to getting things working.