Installation / Download Crash

G’day everyone,

Has anyone had issues with the in-game content manager crashing when installing/downloading the game?

I had the game download overnight but obviously crashed sometime before I woke. I re-opened the game via Steam in the morning and it is continuing from when it closed so I’m not overally fussed, however I could see this being annoying for some people. It still does it every 15-20GiB. I’m just lucky it’s my day off so I’m near to keep an eye on it :sweat_smile: .

I have quite a high end rig so I’m confident its not that.

10GiB remaining :smiley_cat:

Thanks all, happy flying!

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Yes, the installer crashes regularly. So far, I’ve restart 5 times after a crash and 2 times to get the blue progress bar unstuck.

I guess I expect buggy software from Microsoft, so I’m not surprised. Keep restarting and waiting, eventually you’ll get there.

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Yes. In particular I had it through Steam. I ended up with so many issues I aborted and got a refund.

My experience with the MSFT Store installer was MUCH better. And faster too. I’m quite underwhelmed by how Steam is distributing this game.

Yes it crashed for me multiple times while doing the initial download. One time it was about 60gig done, crashed and the game thought it had downloaded everything, so I had to do a reinstall :confused:
Kind of disappointed that the installation is that bugged… Almost finished this time though, so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

That’s very interesting. If MSFT wanted to distribute their game through Steam they should of done it the right way and allowed us to download via Steam servers not download a launcher then install using MSFT servers. Seems like they complicated it a bit.

It has crashed a few more times for me but there is only a few GiB to go :slight_smile: :clap: . I really hope I don’t have that issue thinking it’s done then crashes :confused: . It’s decided to slow right down as of now.

I’m on a 100MB connection so I’m assuming there are still a ton of people trying to download it causing MSFT bandwidth to sky rocket.

Never the less, I’m keen to jump into it :).


Why Steam offloaded the downloading was a very puzzling distribution choice. It lost them my business. Not only was it complicated, it was untested.

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It’s almost certainly the opposite: Microsoft decided to distribute using their own installer instead of using Steam.

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I was about 30% of the way through and the installer just crashed for the 6th time. But this time, unfortunately, it thought it was “done” for some reason and started up missing a bunch of files. So now I have to uninstall and restart.

Honestly when will Microsoft figure out how to test the software they write?

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I’m currently diagnosing a “Please wait” message. I had 3 GiB to go :neutral_face:

My download crashed with only a few gb left, it wasn’t the first time it had happened. But this time was different, not only did it crashed the game, but my whole computer, yup it gave me the BSOD. In fact, this crash has corrupted my ENTIRE windows installation, and I can’t even boot up my pc anymore. Tomorrow I will go about repairing the windows install and try and continue to install the sim. I can’t switch from steam to windows store version as the downloading period counts as “play time” on steam so I’ve passed the time limit for refunds.
I never planned on refunding the sim anyways, even though it corrupted my whole pc. I seem to be the only one who’s had anything this bad happen so I’m not giving up, in hopes that it won’t happen again.

Just wondering if anyone else had anything even remotely close to as bad as this happen


I followed another threads advise based on the stuck “Please Wait” and deleted the latest folders which were some fs-base-cgl files each around 1-2mb. I rebooted the game and it hit me with 59GiB update.

The install has been skipping files I think with all the crashes I experienced. Hoping for smooth sailing from here. It’s been 12 hours. Without the crashes I would of been flying to Sydney right now. :sweat_smile:

Here’s the original reply to another thread to resolved the “please wait” issue.

I was actually on the same part of the installation when it corrupted my whole pc. I got to 56 out of 59, and it started to decompress a file and just froze up, I couldn’t move the mouse, then BSOD. Also mine had been going for 27 hours. Bummer that I have to wait this much longer to fly.

Same event here. Just said decompressing then froze. Hoping it doesn’t repeat itself. 24.11GiB in and hasn’t crashed since. :clap:


13 Hours later, 13+ crashes, a few freezes and a whole lot of trouble shooting and I’ve made it into the pre-game settings. Deleting those folders as mentioned above may have been a hindrance by having to re-download 50+ GiB but it definitely saved a whole lot of time of re-installing it all over again. After deleting those folders it was all smooth sailing from there, no more crashes.

I do think the game froze on “Please wait” because it skipped many files due to the crashes and it couldn’t validate.

If you get stuck on “Please Wait” follow steps in the forums, just search “please wait, install”.

I wish you all luck. :slight_smile:

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I had 30GB left and was stuck so I restarted the game and came to the menu for customization, does anyone know how to get back the 30GB or will it download when starting a flight?

This happened to me, the game seems to be confusing it’s self. Did you buy the premium edition/s? if so the base game may have downloaded but during the extra content download from the premium edition/s it froze and when you restarted it, it went to the base game.

To check to see if it’s complete, restart the game and go through checking for update process once again. If it goes pass that with no issues go through the setting requirements until you get to the main menu. Then go to the market place > official products > then look at the content you own and determine if anything there hasn’t installed. That should give you an indication.

Good luck :wink: ,

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Thanks, but I have the standard version. Will check again tonight.

Eventuelly the unpacking will fail bcs of download crashes and when you got 3.68 gb the game will crash your pc. Mine crashed every 1 GB with a download rate of 50mbits. been 3 days now and fs2020 gives me the final punch. When unpacking a certain downloaded package itll crash the pc

I know this isn’t the most ethical way, but it worked for me…

I downloaded FitGirls torrent for MSFS2020, installed that, then copied over the Official folder which is what the downloads fills up. It had to download about 3.79gb more which was the premium deluxe stuff as the torrent was only the base game, and then everything worked fine!

Again, I KNOW its not ethical, but as far as I see it I own the rights to the data as a backup, and that’s what I used, a backup of the game!