Installation every 1.5gb

i rlly need someone experincd to help me when downloading the download stops ever 1.5gb… like every 1.5 gb. i did run it as admin, closed firewall, updates windows, reinstalled windows, and followed every single guide, i even contacted microsoft and he tried to troubleshoot using remote control to my pc and he could fix it and he couldnt figure what was wrtong, i even contacted xbox team and asobo couldnt figure it out. pls help

help pls i have been trying alot

the sim will download a package then install it , then continue with next package.

it totally stops with 0 disc and net usage

Sooo download Stops at 1.5GB ??

yup sometimes less or more with a little bit

Check the Event Viewer to see if there are any errors.
To do this, press the key combination [Windows] + [R] so that the “Run” window opens.
There you enter the command “eventvwr.exe” and confirm with “OK”.
The event viewer opens automatically in a new window.

okay i will do it now and attach it

i opened it

Moin, ich kann seit release des Games das Game nicht installieren!!! Ich habe geduldig auf den Patch gewartet in der Hoffnung es behebt den Fehler. Meine Installation friert immer bei der selben Gigabyte Anzahl ein und lässt das Programm Crashen oder den gesamten PC einfrieren! Ich habe meinen Rechner schon komplett formatiert und ein neues Betriebssystem in der neuesten Version installiert und trotzdem crasht die Installation. Manchmal schaffe ich es die Gigabyte Zahl wo es immer crasht zu überwinden, aber dann crasht es 10 gb später schon wieder bei einer bestimmten Stelle. Ich habe defintiv passende Hardware und passende Software für den MSFS, also woran kann das liegen?! Ich habe viel Geld für ein Spiel ausgegeben, was ich nach 3 Wochen immer noch nicht eimmal installieren kann!!!

The main language here is English, so you will be more successful. :+1:t2:

There were a lot of people who had this or a similar issue with the previous version of the game, see this search. I would advise you to search the forum, there have been a lot of detailed instructions on issues like you are describing. Also see the - Known Issues - (Last modified: 9/2/2020) and Installation Issues & Bugs Megathread threads. Also note that in Patch Version Is Now Available! they explicitly link to [ONLY for players with installation issues] Note from the Team. In case all of the above doesn’t solve your issue, you can also create a ticket over at the ZenDesk.

Hey @YetiKran76189. Sorry to see you are having installation issues. I moved your post to this thread where others with the same issue are discussing the problem.

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I suggest you that it is better to wait until Microsoft invent some kind of “bug free” installation.
I tried 3 times without success and some people have even reinstalled windows OMG!!!
So,wait! Refund,is another epic issue, better CCard Rollback.
MS is so nice that it is really really frustrating. Good luck!