Installation fails with error 0x803fb107 and 0x80073d0d

After following the directions in the video, there is no change.
I am at a complete loss.
Seems that Microsoft Store is a massive barrier to facilitating updates for customers. The extra level of control is nothing more than an obstacle.

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Try this, find VCRUNTIME140.dll in System32 directory. Move it to desktop. Go to MS site and download C++2015 both 32/64-bit versions. Restart PC. Errors but OS will load.

Install C++2015 and it will build new VC runtime file. Restart PC,
Try again to install game.
As last resort, you could run regedit, and take out any reference to MSFS-2020 and then try to reinstall game again, not sure that would fix your issue.

Agree with your sentiment, this game is a Pain to get to work and install. No other piece of software on this planet, is as convoluted to get/install/make work as this one is. I took the whole MS FS folder and copied to a separate drive on the off chance my PC might crash. Last Friday it did, used my OEM USB Recovery Windows 10 disc to restore to factory. MSFS last thing to get reinstalled, and yet, it again took several hours to figure out and fix errors system reported in that recovery effort. I am old, life is short, this is way more work versus the benefit we receive playing this game.

Thanks for your assistance.

I have completed the steps you detail, but the same issue remains.

Does this link offer any help:

Hi, it seems I have tried all the suggested techniques. I believe it is time for the software engineers at Microsoft to determine and remediate the reason why the MS Store periodically blocks customers from accessing the software they have legally purchased licence to.

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this is indeed a very weird issue, why are only some users xpereince this??

0x803fb107 and 0x80073d0d both have one common denominator.
They are both caused because your PC cannot read some required files in your system.
There really isn’t much a software engineer can do to fix that.
That could come from actual corrupt files, or just permission issues that prevent your PC from accessing the files.
One way to fix the issue is to google search the error numbers and try some of the “fixes” (there are quite a few).
The other alternative is to go to the Help icon (bottom left of the MS Store screen), and request help from there.
Let us know how you make out!!

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I’m getting the same error 0x803fb107 trying to install MSFS on a brand new Win 11 Pro install.

All other MS Store applications have updated and installed fine. Now suddenly after a required “Gaming Services” update, this issue has occurred.

Note: The Gaming Services update was required in order to download / install MSFS Premium Deluxe.

I’m not saying GS broke things… but it’s quite suspicious, and has been known to be problematic in the past.

Log out of store.
Shut down MSStore.
reboot PC, start store and try logging back in.

If that doesn’t work try the advice in these two posts.
They are based on Windows 10, but the advice is the same.

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After two re-boot’s, MSFS finally downloaded & installed without issue… Weird, but I’ll take it!


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Please refer to this blog which helps me corrected it.

[Microsoft Store安装应用时出现0x80073d0d的解决方法 | 炒饭的小站]

I searched the English resources in Bing and tried the sfc scannow/wsreset/windows update/signout store/reboot/shutdown firewall things — they all failed until I found the Chinese resource above in baidu.

Here is the thing… The target volume you install windows apps into encountered unexpected configuration and became ‘offline’, you have to make it ‘online’ to install windows app again.

Take myself as example, I installed MSFS 2020 in a portable SSD drive D:\ a long time ago. I found my volume D:\ often could not be safely removed due to the occupation of windows store. I had to make the computer sleep and then unplug my SSD. It was so annoying that I had to brutally delete the relevant windows app folder in D:. I reinstalled MSFS in my hard drive E:\ and again I uninstalled MSFS because I was busy and did not want to be distracted by games. Today I want to reinstall MSFS in D:\ (how funny). I stuck at 99% and encountered 0x803fb107 (xbox) and 0x80073d0d (windows store) problem.

I opened PowerShell in administration mode. I used ‘Get-AppxVolume’ to find the label of the offline volume and used ‘Remove-AppxVolume [offline volume label]’ to remove it. Finally I fixed the problem.


Finaly a fix that worked. :smiley: thx so much dude

I can confirm this fixed my issue right away, no need for restarts, logouts, etc. I removed an offline AppxVolume that I had, clicked download again in the store, and worked perfectly.

This just worked for me after two days of searching for solutions!! THANK YOU!!!

Thanks ! after a day of searching, this is the only solution that worked !!! thanks again !! :wink:

Hi guys, i have the same problem, i can’t install MSFS20 after desinstall…
And the powershell solution don’t run for me.
I don’t have reponse with command Remove-AppxVolume. (see screenshot)

Thx for youre help

Hi TheSevenflyer, is there any logs to see what’s wrong with the installation process? I have same issue of @SnappyAsp612539 and i didn’t find any solution.

I was unable to find a solution.
I ended up formatting my MSFS2020 HDD, doing a clean re-installation of Windows to make sure there were no little breadcrumbs left in Windows that was telling the system that MSFS was already installed.

I hope you formatted with NTFS on a gpt partitioned drive (for W11)

worked for me also