Installation Manager and a 95.63Gb Download?

Ok, after pulling out my hair, much cursing and using every trick in my arsenal, I finally got this thing to run (to a stage where it’s now requiring me to do a 96Gb download) via some Installation Manager screen.

It looks like its just retrieving the same data that’s on the 10 DVD set. I own the DVD’s, why do I now have to spend a day or two downloading this incredibly bloated content ? It states ‘Mandatory Update’ on the Installation Manager screen.

It gave me no option, even though I have installed the 10 DVDs.

Is that right ?

Almost certainly. The DVDs were created at the time of laucnh, 2 years ago. The sim is now very different indeed, and has been updated many many times since. I;m going to guess that almost all of the content on the DVDs - apart from maybe some of the core graphics elements - have been updated since the DVDs were cut.

Once you have done this download, I would expect that the bulk of the 99Gb will simply replace a lot of what is installed from the DVDs. I don’t know the exact size, but I’d expect a full deluxe version install, including 10 world updates and other related content to be c. 150Gb-200Gb.

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Thank you for the quick reply. I didn’t want to get too far into this huge download if there was an alternative.

Appreciate your help.

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