Installation of MSFS freezes during decompressing the large files (Gamepass)

Hello, I have decided to completely reinstall MSFS after last Sim Update. Unfortunately, installation freezes during decompression of large files (once at 22GiB another time at 46GiB).

I have already reinstalled the Microsoft Store and Xbox App.

By any chance, did anyone solve this problem?

I have the same problem. I´ve done a complete reinstallation of the flight simulator yesterday. The installation stucks at the same point as yours at the decompressing of some files. If i let it run it never ends. Also after 8 hours nothing changes.

At the moment i don´t know what should i do.

I have decided to reinstall Windows. I am currently re-installing the Sim, yet I have not reached the point on which the installation process stops.

I will let you know about the outcomes.

I got stuck at 2GB, it ridiculous.

I have the same problem, depending on the time, it gets to 4% unpacking and stopping.

how to solve this?

In my case installer now endlessly downloads same fs base packages… for 6 hours now.

Edit: After few attempts if finally installed. I have quit the installation few times and returned to it via Xbox App.

Edit2: On the other hand downloading of the DLCs is very similar. It stops at certain moment and requires restart of the process.

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