Installation/Update/Uninstallation Process => Is quality assurance a thing?

Dear Developers,

since your initial release of the game it took you two weeks to fix a bunch of fundamental installation issues that your software was shipped with. This in itself is quite underwhelming to be honest, but well, perhaps you had to fix quite substantial parts of your code to fix the issues.

Today you released the “patch” which resulted in a broken installation on my machine. There is no doubt about it that it is related to the patch, as I could use the software up until the patch without any issues. Now, after the startup it told me to download the whole game again, and while it was at it, it deleted my settings and setups. I run no mods, no fancy tweaks or anything. It was a stock installation.

I use past tense, because I come to the conclusion that your software testing and/or quality assurance departement has to reconsider its way of doing things. Until it does I will refrain from using it. In its core it is a quite enjoyable fascinating product, but I am unwilling to be your playground to find out how update/installation/uninstallation processes are supposed to work.

I have just seen that though the “App” was uninstalled, it left 94,2 GB on my drive. Sorry guys, this is not ok for a prestige project from a Microsoft Game Studio.

I honestly hope quality will improve, because the product deserves it.

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