Installation / Upload Problem

Purchased the FS Premium Deluxe version for U$ 119.- (most expensive game I bought). So what you can expect? So far only unsolved problems! After the complete download from the MS-store, the game won’t start, the final upload stops on the contetnt-manager screen saying “please wait for upload”. Tried it out for 2 days now, nothing changed, the upload won’t start. (Well a reason more to stay on my Apple-products, MS is still facing huge quality problems, even in selling high prized products). How MS can launch such a long awaited game, with these major bugs, and not even give any support? Again Apple handles it so much better, such deception from MS.
So what I did so far on my PC:

  • Windows10 update on latest version “2004” / not result
  • Update latest graphic-card driver (nivida) / no result
  • Quit the content-manager screen (alt+ F4), open the app as administrator / no result
  • Downloaded x-box-app and launched FS2020 form there / no result
  • Reconfigured MS-store in Windows //no result

–> still the latest Upload won’t install, and on this the game can’t be opened.

Lol, apple has nothing to do with this game, neither does Microsoft. Asobo is the team developing this simulator. It has been a rough launch for them but they are working hard on getting everything fixed. I believe an update/patch is coming soon bringing a long a lot of installation issues, but if you’d like, feel free to create a zendesk report

Also, nobody is “out to get you.”
Microsoft has launched a support twitter for the game, and has the zendesk system, so they are more than wiling to help you get to the skies.

I hope everything works out :smile:
Happy Flying

I know this has nothing to do with Apple, I just mentioned that Apple products are more reliable. MS was in the past not really know for reliability (Windows/Office etc), and somehow now with FS2020 it continues, even if they sublet the development to another company Asobo, its still under the custody and sold by Microsoft. So they in charge of quality management of this product.
Away I still can not access the game I paid for, and think twice to get any other MS product again.
So not cleared for take off.