Instrument description

After update V, the instrument description is not as it was before.
I don’t know if the change is related to Xbox compatibility or VR related, but previously touching with the mouse a switch on AP, a banner was telling if you want to turn it on or off and touching a knob, the banner was telling the current value of HDG, CRS or the % of power, propeller RPM or mixture.
Now there is no banner anymore and I admit is more realistic, but i would like to know if there is a way to get that mode back.

Propellers, turboprops etc.
Change cockpit interaction system from LEGACY to LOCK.
Options > general options > accessibility > cockpit interaction system
Select LOCK and save changes.

Also select default mouse profile.
Go to options > controls options > mouse
Select default profile and save changes

image image image

Is there a way of having the value of a function displayed in “Legacy” as it was before?

thanks for the answer. it actually works, but I was looking for the previous type of banner, the one working in legacy mode.
Banners were smaller with no reference to the axis, but just the action (i.e. “turn AP on” or, for mixture, just “65%”.

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No, if you want to see the numbers you have to switch to the locked mode.