Instrument readability / Cockpit too dark / Eye Adaptation

I totally agree.

As a bit of a work-around, I have mapped all lighting commands to F1 … F8 to turn on all interior and exterior lights. I like to easily see in the cockpit and be seen by others on the outside! A quick run of the finger along those buttons before take-off and away we go all set up. Cheers.

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During daytimes there is an intelligent brightness control implemented, when using freelook mouse over the panel then look out the window, brightness automatically adjusts. It can not get too dark in the cockpit by the game algorhythm, during daytimes.

Your issue must be caused by something outside the game.

An adjustment slidder would ber great for contrast. It works a bit better in HDR (when it works).

It certainly needs a SLIDER … but not specifically for Contrast or Gamma.

Its a very COOL effect, as you see more bright light, your pupils close, and the dark area become darker.
This is very obvious with a camera, but the human brain is very good at compensating for this.

What is needed is a SLIDER on this software processing of darkening when there is bright light, so users can adjust it be suit their vision, monitor, and room lighting.

At the moment, like most “EFFECTS”, it is overdone … yes, it’s very Clever, and we can see you did the fancy programming to make it happen, but sometime less is more !!!
We do not need it to be so OVERDONE … Please – ADD A SLIDER - then everyone will be happy.

Within the sim, in the C172, its so exaggerated, I have to put all the lights on in the cockpit, on a sunny day, to be able to see the Panel.

In the real world, my eyes and brain adjust, and the Panel hardly appear to change in readability, between a bright sunny day, and a dark overcast one.

PLEASE ADD A SLIDER (an make it available while flying-- ie on Pull down menu system)

As others have said, TEMP fix is to alter Gamma, but that really destroys the image, to make it more readable as it is being made darker.


Hi guys,

i have noticed that the light brightness in the cockpit can be diffrent when i move the camera up and down or from right to left etc. in the attachment can you see and find some Pictures of this issue.
The Pictures was made wthin 10sek and by moving the camera up and down
Best Greetings


This appears to be some dynamic exposure “feature” of the graphics. e.g. if you look at a bright window, the surrounding objects seem darker in comparison. I think the effect is a bit exaggerated and should perhaps be optional.

That is very intresting. Thanks for Your Answere and INformation about that issue.

Strongly agree. As a newcomer to G1000 I find it very frustrating that I cannot easily read this panel.

I fully agree. It looks more like they replicated how you would see through a camera, instead of through human eyes.
Another example for me is the autopilot panel in the TBM where you can’t see the contours of the knobs even during the day if it’s overcast. I end up doing my whole flight with the flashlight on, even during the day. That’s not how human perception works. Eyes would quickly adapt to the darkness, but they don’t in the game.

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For Nvidia users: All can be adjusted in flight with Nvidia Gforce Experience section Freestyle.

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How? Maybe you could share a brief video, that would be really helpful. Thanks

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Forget the “Add Reshade filters to NVIDIA Freestyle” section, for clariy with the default filters is enough.

Add filters and check them in game. You can add multiple filters at once. Each filter can be customized separately with individual settings based on each filter. In total, you can create three filter profiles that you can switch between.

You are not alone. I also hate it as it´s there since almost day 1. I sent a ticket one month ago, so you have my vote for this.

The problem happens when the amount of horizon is smaller than the amount of rendered cockipt (as in my second pic). It literally puts a white enviromental light all over the place, which seems to be light exposure similar to the effect used by Reshade, but multiplied by 1000 billions. So you basically can´t see anything outside except a white horizon. The smaller the horizon portion the worse. But when horizon portion is balanced or bigger than the portion of rendered cockpit all works well (as in my first pic). In outside view all works well too.

Please vote this, as that one and the fake horizon line on the mountains are the most annoying graphical artifacts we have. They ruin the whole thing.



Currently, MSFS seems to be simulating the human eye, in that if Outside the cockpit is in your field of view, the bright outside light dilates your pupils, resulting in the Cockpit inside appearing to darken,
While this is a valid effect, it is highly Overdone, as in practice, your brain/eye adjusts, and you can see the panel as being a lot brighter in RL, even when it is bright outside.

Your ability to “accommodate” these light levels diminished as you age …

MAYBE the slider scale should be calibrated in Age (14 - 90) :slight_smile:

Currently, to correct this, one has to fly in daylight with the panel lights ON FULL !!!

What is needed is a slider, to vary the Brightness ration (brightness ? gamma? ) between Inside & Outside the cockpit.

ASOBO, Please strongly consider adding such a simple control.
BTW The Home Cockpit - Multi-Monitors guys will love you as well if you do this !!!

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Suggest you use Zendesk and turn in a Suggestion & Feature request.


Yes, but 1st I wanted to get some Feedback from the Community, before promoting it to a Wish or Bug report.

I may be totally OFF BASE with my request !!!

I see far too many post jumping far to early into a Wish or Bug report, just based in the input from one person, who may or may not have it right.

This just overloads those Wish & Bug forums, and they turn into a place with so much CLUTTER, that it is very easy to miss the Good from the Bad,

As for the Brightness ratio issue … maybe is just my Monitor, or my Video settings, and I am missing something (but I do not think so). The fact that as I scroll up in the VC, to see more sky, the panel goes darker, would seem to be something Intentional that Asobo have programmed in to simulate the human eye, and like so many “effects”, there is a temptation to OVER DO it, just because you are so proud to have included it, and want to show it off !!!

I believe that adding such a control should not be that difficult, because it is NOT ADDING a function, but instead just putting a manual control on how much a programmed automatic function is having.

The Difficult thing, is getting it to the Attention of Asobo, and convincing them that it has a higher priority, than say, just another Eye Candy scenery addition, or yet another “adventure”.


Thanks … maybe a little premature – but thank you for your support :slight_smile:

OK, does not seem to be a popular idea, or one that is felt to be needed.

I think back in the FSX days, you could adjust this with “shaders”, but I think it’s a lot more complex now in MSFS … so its ASOBO, or Nothing…

I was wondering about the same thing as well.

When my view is centered on the cockpit panel, I can barely see anything outside because it’s getting too bright.

Only when I raise view, focusing on outside, the brightness/gamma is reduced to a normal level.

While I understand the simulation of the eye, I would still appreciate a setting to turn this off.