Instruments too dark to read

Hi there I am struggling to read the flight instruments on multiple planes , I have the various lights turned up to the max. I know it’s partly the way that eyes work with excessive brightness outside. Has anyone found a setting either within the SIM or at at monitor level eg contrast which can improve the situation ?

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There is a flashlight (headlamp actually) that you can bind to a key. It is on automatically when you enter an A/C cold and dark and once you have turned on certain lights within the cockpit it will turn off. I know you can over ride the off function with a keybind on at least some aircraft. I do it on the TBM but have not tried on others. Look for flashlight in settings. The nice thing about this light is it follows your line of sight in the cockpit so it will light up areas in the cockpit that don’t have any specific lighting available.

The OP is not referring to dark cockpit at night, he/she’s referring to the great contrast that is applied to the screen when the environment is too bright.

@xxYUNIORxx this has been discussed in several topics, see this one you started a while ago.

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Is there a way to disable the ambient darkness when on pilot view on the A320?

It seems to get too dark to the point where you can’t even see the textures when it is very bright outside.

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See this post and if you desire, cast a vote.