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I fly mostly classic, vintage, and antique aircraft, that have round analog instruments. In FSX there was a way to place the analog instruments so that they were always in view along the bottom of the screen (or in VR). I can not find a way to do this in MSFS2020, but surely there must be. I could set up a separate monitor, but this would not work in VR mode. Can someone explain how to do this, or send me to a video showing how? Thanks!

You can’t do it natively in MSFS. You need 3rd party apps to do that.

That was called the Mini Panel, and was part of the panel cfg file. It was a feature as far back as FS2002, but FSX was the last to include it. With no 2D panel in this sim, there’s really no use for it. The closest you can get is the Chace Camera HUD.

OK, thanks. Too bad this feature wasn’t included. It’s pretty much needed for VR. I stumbled across “Air Manager” yesterday. I’ll look into whether that can meet the need.

Air Manager is good if you put the instruments on another monitor. Even better if it’s a touch monitor. And amazing if paired with a Knobster to control all the dials and knobs in your cockpit. My entire cockpit setup is based on Air Manager, and I couldn’t imagine flying without it.
I guess it depends on your needs.

Can you make some recommendations? I did a Google search and didn’t find anything.

Unfortunately AirMaster is not a good solution for a single large monitor like I have. I installed the demo version. It doesn’t run inside MSFS, it runs in it’s own window. I want it all to work in the MSFS windows so it shows in VR and/or on a single monitor. I know there were add-on instrument solutions for FSX/P3D. Surely there must be something for MSFS2020 where you can have the basic flight instruments (ala J3) on-screen no matter if your view is cockpit or external.

There’s nothing that does what you want that runs within the sim and created window instruments within the sim window itself. You have no options right now.

Without some sort of mod to render the VC invisible, it would be useless anyway, but once you get used to landing in the VC, you probably won’t want to go back.

I’m curious as to what kind of setup would need a consistent instrument panel in view while using VR. When I use VR, I lean forward to look at the instrument panel or switch panels more closely.

OP - If I want to land using outside view, I just push in my hat swtich, which takes me outside, looking forward toward nose of plane. It also displays, all engine guages, a compas/w flight director on left side, and flaps/trim/altitude and vertical speed on right side. Now I do not VR, so this might not help you, I use that view for TO about 50% of the time, since the view out the 747 is narrow to me. It’s also narrow in the 787, and almost any plane in MSFS. I have tried to use inside view landing, and that works some. The flight characteristics for all the planes in MSFS are not anywhere near what a real plane would perform like, and vastly different than FSX, where I fly lots with no crashes and in this sime I crash all the time because of the vast difference in them.

Oh, I see. 3rd person view flying.

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