Integrate 3rd Party Plugins to be accessed inside Simulator!

This is a feature I’ve been highly anticipating for some time now. One of the the cool features that XPLANE 11 has to offer is the ability acess plugins inside the sim without having to go to another screen,or ALT tabbing out. For example:

● Everytime I want to use Navigrapgh, I have to activate simlink manually, that means that I have to go search for it, activate it and off we go.

●The New FSREALISTIC Requires me to have it open in order to work, if I close it…I need to start again. Having that interrogated means I can concentrate on my cockpit while still being able to switch sounds and tweak.

●FCUIPC is another one. Luckily this one I can start it automatically, but it just adds clutter to the programmes already running in the backround.

Here’s the thing, I don’t have a problem when there’s 1 or 2 tabs open, the problem is having around 4+ tabs/programmes working in the backround at the same time…It’s Navigrapgh, It’s FSREALISTIC, it’s Flight recorder, simbrief…it all gets cluttered and I prefer things being organised, organised means you get to things faster and do things faster meaning you waste less performance on backround programmes runnimg and save it towards the sim.

Having to ALT tab out everytime I need to access FCUIPC, then ALT tabbing out because I need to tweak my FSREALISTIC, then once again because this time I need to restart or start SIMLINK…it would just be nice to have EVERYTHING interrogated within the sim, perhaps have a tab that it has your most essential plugins inside and you can open and tweak them there.

That’s just my take.

Would be happy to hear from what the community thinks.

You don’t really need simlink if you don’t need the live tracker icon to appear. And even so, you can set it to automatically run when you start your PC. Let it sit in the background and when you start MSFS, Simlink is already running.

That being said, whether the plugins are accessible inside MSFS is dependant on the third-party developers willingness to incorporate it in the sim.

I can’t say about FSRealistic though, but for FS2Crew, they have an in-game panel that can be opened, and you can choose the app that you want from the list and press launch to open them.

While I agree that plugin accessibility from within the sim is a nice to have. The fact that at least one developer can get it working, means that other developers can get it working too if they’re willing to do so. So I think there’s really no need to be incorporated into the sim directly as a standard, since every app and tool are coded differently, it should be up to the individual developers to code the integration with MSFS in-game panel.

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On the face of it this is a good idea but until sim updates stop breaking stuff on a regular basis I’d rather not have additional apps be potentially affected. Down the track sometime then perhaps yes. I know it can take a while to get setup to fly but I kind of think of it as part of my pre-flight procedures.

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