Intel A770 Graphics Card (GPU) Discussion Thread

I really don’t think forcing Resize Bar for a non acknowledged app will show you gain. This is why NVidia said they will turn it ON on driver side for each app when ready.

This topic is about the Intel Arc A700 Series Graphics Cards.
These cards work fine with Resizable Bar.

Nvidia has stated that they list the games that they approve use of Resizable Bar
since some games can have negative results from using it.

Resizable Bar concerns itself with the transfer of graphics data from the CPU to the
GPU VRAM via the PCIe bus.
Allowing data to be transferred in large blocks to speed up the transfer.

It depends on the CPU, GPU, and motherboard (BIOS) to have the capability
to increase this block transfer size.

I have not tested FS2020 on my Intel A770 GPU without Resizable Bar on.
But, Intel states that it is important to have it on.

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It’s the same as with NVidia cards.
Intel Arc A700 Series and NVidia 3000 Series cards support Resize Bar but the game has to support it also. MSFS has not yet support for it.

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Just sharing the workaround and exploring options, I find it all fascinating as to the Re-BAR functionality of the updated Z390 chipset and hope to learn from sharing.

Edit: it’s not quite your topic and I apologize if I interfered but I hope you can see how it’s related.

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That is good me.
I am very pleased with the performance in FS2020 for my A770 GPU.
i9-9900 CPU, Z390 MB at 4K Ultra, TAA, DX12, T LoD=4, O Lod = 9

I will be more pleased when FS2020 enables Resizable Bar support and
XeSS Super Sampling.

Have you tried forcing the issue with Nvidia Profile Inspector?

Nevermind dumb idea wont work with Intel card

I wish there were Intel Profile Inspector

There is already a profile for MSFS2020 in the profiler, but there is no performance gain.
There is simple no support for it in MSFS itself.

Whatever a Nvidia Profiler is, I don’t have one with my Intel Arc card.
There may be no performance gain with an Nvidia card. idk

I also don’t know if there is support for Resizable Bar in FS2020.

I would guess that the app, FS2020, would not care about how the
graphics data gets transferred to the GPU VRAM by the CPU. But, idk.

I know there is Resizable Bar support in my Intel Arc card and motherboard.

I know it also with my motherboard and GPU, but that will not help.
It is up to Asobo to implement the support for it. :wink:

I’m not sure RB would ever be supported in a MIMO title.