Intel or AMD cpu?

Depends on the CPU… check this list: X570 AORUS ELITE (rev. 1.0) Gallery | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global

It is 2 kits of 32GB (BL2K16G36C16U4B) - so 4 sticks in total.

Thankfully, no RGB - though the motherboard and graphics card are disco’ing the place up far more than I would like! :grin:

11900k or 5950X. They are on par.

Intel gen 12 will bring some efficiency improvements but core architecture and speed will stay at Gen 11 level. Golden cove and cypress cove are siblings at different litho processes.The additional gracemont cores bring no benefit to msfs. I actually run my 11900k with 4 active cores HT off to get the most out of adaptive boost and see not the tiniest difference in fps to 6 or 8 cores active.

msfs utilze 2 cores fore the moment and everything else is pointless. Add two more for some windows workload and you are fine. Single core ipc still rulez the game.

I agree with you. VRAM is very important on MSFS. I have an Asus Strix 3090OC and after MSFS my HWinfo reports a max VRAM usage of 73%, which is close to 18 gigs of VRAM! That was the main reason I went for the 3090, I wanted to be future proof, well at least for a little longer.


Admittedly not high end but I tried this on my Ryzen 7, flying was very smooth but then I got audio drop outs so I can’t recommend.

I just turn them off. Simple, eh? :slight_smile:

Just to share my experience I have been using 5600X with RTX3070 on mostly high end settings 4K @80 render and I was always GPU limited. After SU 5 it may possibly change but I am quite happy with the AMD so far. I am eager to see perf. gains of SU 5 to decide if I need upgrade to RTX 3090 or 80ti. I hope 80ti would be enough after the perf. gain. We’ll see.

Not so simple with gskill. The RGB off seems to be stored in volatile memory and therefore they simply come back on every time you restart the pc. (and they come back in “Rainbow Revenge” rather than a solid colour)

RGB is a curse on PC’s, especially with each manufacturer using their own bloatware to control it.
I have a Gigabyte mobo, Asus GPU and GSkill memory…until I stripped the cooler off the Asus to install a waterblock that would have been 3 different pieces of bloatware just to turn the RGB LED off.

I too have G.skill, when opening the case they are a handy reminder that I forgot to turn the power off :grin:

Live my 5900x/RX 6800 combo