Intel or AMD for New Card...My 1080ti Isn't Cutting it in this Sim

Hi folks,

I’m going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade my PC soon. I have an 8700k, SSD, 32gb 3200mhz ram and a 1080ti. The UK update really drove home the fact that a 1080ti simply won’t cut it in this new world we’re flying around. So…

I’m not sure I can hold out for a 3090ti because they’re perpetually out of stock, so I was thinking of jumping ship and getting a Radeon. I’m curious to hear everyone’s opinion about this. What are your experiences?



Both the RTX3080 and RX6800XT are good choices for this sim. Especially because there’s no RTX or DLSS in the sim. Both the RTX3090 and RX6900XT are (in my opinion) way too overpriced for what they bring over their slightly lower specced brothers.

The Radeon has the benefit of having more VRAM than the RTX, the RTX might give you some benefits if you’re streaming (the NVidia encoding is still something AMD can’t mirror) or run other games that do employ Raytracing or DLSS.

Both cards are hard to get a hold of, so for this sim, I would say go with whichever you can actually buy.

Most important question is though; what resolution / settings are you targeting? If you’re going to be running at 1080P, both cards are massive overkill. If you’re going to be running on 4K, they make more sense.
On 1440P you should be able to get away with a 3070 or 3060 or maybe the recently announced RX6700XT (or even a second hand 2000 series NVidia card).

I’ve been running 4k on my meager 1080ti with settings on high/med with rendering and lod at 100. That’s about all she can handle. Streaming is actually pretty good for me, along with the Nvidia recording. That’s one thing I’ll miss if I get a Radeon.

But if I fly over the PG in London, my system just can’t handle it at all. Yet, if I approach in the FBW or 787 at LHR, it can- strange.

Thanks for the heads up. I’m going to have to upgrade within a month if I can score a card that is…

Is this a sim dedicated card? Then AMD is ok. If you’re aiming for productivity as well, go with the NVIDIA. The benchmarks show that the NVIDIA will blaze away on productivity tasks and leaves the AMD in the dust. If it is just games, then consider the AMD as a possibility.

Hard to get cards now - you may be best off waiting for a 3080TI, which should be Goldilocks.

i have a rog gtx 1070 and its very stable with 40 FPS also in greater add-on airports

What clock speed is your CPU running at?You may be CPU limited.
11 GB of VRAM should be better than the 10GB on the 3080.
I would avoid cards with less than 10GB VRAM including the 3070

Noooo!! Dont get radeon lmao! Dude! Just wait… im waiting to upgrade everything once covid cams and it WILL.

I’ve got an RTX 3080. Its perfect if you’re running at 4K, basically thats what its designed for. I’m currently running mine with an i7 7700 but I’m just about to upgrade to Ryzen 5 5600X as I’m very CPU bound, especially with the bigger more complex aircraft.

Just to add Asobo have stated RTX raytracing is coming to the sim later this year.

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As far as I know, they have not.

They are looking at implementing raytracing, but that will be ‘standard’ raytracying (the DirectX version), not the NVidia RTX specific tech.

Makes sense since they’re developing for XBox series X/S as well, and those run on AMD Radeon graphics technology.

If you have any source backing the claim on RTX, then I’d be interested to see that.

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Ah ok. I didn’t realise there was a type of ray tracing exclusive to Nvidia.

Thanks for that clarification- I do a lot of multitasking, except when I’m flying in London- so this is important.

Then you really don’t have a comparable choice at this time. You’ll want an nvidia card. I spent a lot of time speccing my rig out and would’ve gone all amd if I didn’t specifically look at benchmarks for rendering videos, crunching spreadsheets, etc etc.

It made the decision very easy for me.

I think it depends on what you call ‘multitasking’.

if it’s rendering etc, then the NVidia card might help. If it’s just 20 chrome tabs opened, the NVidia won’t help :wink:

I have an 8086k and upgraded from a 1080ti to a 3090
The improvement has been negligible.*

The real bottleneck is CPU and I’m actually not sure that the CPU which can truly chew this game up and spit it out without breaking sweat has been made yet.

*I need to qualify this statement.
Performance when gaming “flat” (1440p monitor) is largely unchanged from the 1080ti. I probably see the DevMode FPS message “limited by GPU” a lot less with the 3090 but I still get horrific stutters and unexplained frame rate drops (and sometimes it can tank to single figures out of nowhere)

However, VR performance is massively improved. VR wasn’t really possible at all with the Valve Index in this sim but I’ve had a few flights with it now which were “ok”

(VR in IL-2 with the 3090…now then! Wow. Very smooth indeed.)

So yes. At some point a GPU upgrade will be worthwhile, especially if you run 4k or VR.

However I think the CPU, memory and drives are key to a smoother experience and that a 1080 should be able to dial in reasonable performance still. Not great, but certainly not horrific either.

Note. Nvidia seems to have shafted the 1080 with its recent driver releases. I noticed a significant enough performance loss across a few titles that I wondered if the hardware was choking. Benchmarked, rolled back the drivers, benchmarked again…indeed ver.460.x was wrecking performance.
I think rolled back to 457.x - do a web search there is actually a specific version (maybe 456?) which the 1080 really shines.

This seems normal for older GPU’s I have a “utility” PC which I threw an old gtx 770 into. That particular card needs to have a particular (and old) driver or it will occasionally black screen and do other wierd stuff.

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I was wondering if the latest performance snafu I’ve been suffering was related to the latest driver. Maybe I’ll test out some of the older versions later.

I also noticed that in London, if I drop out of 4k things are a lot smoother. However, I can’t fly jets in resolutions lower than 4k simply because the gauges are too-blurry for my liking. Fortunately, there are only a handful of places where I have performance problems, mainly at KLAX, KATL and over the City of London.

Simply websearch “nvidia driver wrecks performance” or similar for a webfull of analysis on the subject.

When rolling back don’t forget to thoroughly clean out the drivers you don’t want with the display driver uninstaller tool

Note, nvidia have noted in recent releases that they patched microcode vulnerabilities, like the bios and OS patches for spectre etc these probably do impact performance, this might be what we are seeing therefore this is worth considering when rolling back.

For me with the 1080ti it was a risk worth taking as it’s a fairly dedicated gaming rig and I have no issue’s with hosing the OS should I ever suspect there is an issue. With the 3090 I’m not really seeing any difference between old and new in terms of benches etc. The 3090 has so much grunt I could use half if it and it still be OP.

I have a 1080 and an i7 8086k and on a 1440P gsync monitor and getting around 40-50 FPS on high settings…but only because I’m using a much older Nvidia driver for the 1080. With the newer drivers I was losing atleast 10-12 frames.