Interesting find in Northern Pakistan

Hey Community…

Today I did a slightly different flight in North Pakistan.

Can recommend it to anyone who likes large mountain ranges and exotic terrain.

As a reward, there is a little surprise shortly before landing…

Chilas (OPCL) - Gilgit (OPGT)

The flight leads along a beautiful valley with a wonderful view…

Shortly before landing in Gilgit there is a lettering on the right side …

Funnily enough, Google Maps says something else there …

I hope you have Fun with that Flight…

Greets JazzSam


How’s this?

VFR Chilas (OPCL) to Gilgit (OPGT).pln (5.0 KB)

It was a flight plan I created that roughly matches the route you plotted. Just in case anyone wanted to fly the route you did. I plan to do that this evening. You can open that .pln file from the MSFS map screen, or preview it in LNM, where it was created.

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All right, hahaha, Google Translater drives me crazy ^^

I don’t think you need a flight plan here, but if someone needs it …

This Flight is very easy, i fly handish, without AP. :wink:

Thank you

What aircraft is that?

The BN2 Islander from BlackBox Simulation.

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Thank you hob, awesome find author!

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THX @W1ldF1re6 :slight_smile:

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Wow, what did u use to plan the route??

I think he use LittleNavMap, a free open Source project.