Interesting Places Around You

Do you have a limited amount of time for only one flight? Do you want to explore new cities, find nearby Landmarks, or chase down that elusive Fauna? MSFS has a new feature just for you!

Interesting Places Around You

To access this new exciting feature, start with the Flight Assistant from the menu bar. At the very top of the Flight Assistant menu is Interesting Places Around You. There are several options to choose from:

  • Airports
  • Cities
  • Landmarks
  • Fauna

Each of these have a left/right menu selection of places closest to you. The number of places available are determined and limited by distance. For example, if there are no nearby Landmarks or Fauna, no selection will be available. Most available places are within about a short 10-15 minute flight.

After making your selection, select CANCEL DESTINATION () right below the menu selection (4th line). Then select SET AS DESTINATION. Enable or disable DISPLAY DIRECTION and LANDING & TAXI GUIDES for your flight. MSFS then creates a custom VFR flight plan and loads it into your GPS/FMS that replaces the one you are using.

But wait! There’s more! Interesting Places is available anywhere in any aircraft where the Flight Assistance menu is available even while in flight. Change your mind? Change your direction by selecting a new destination. A new custom VFR flight plan is created and replaces the current flight plan.

For additional excitement, enable the AI copilot to fly you to your destination! What can go wrong on a short flight?

Try it today and start discovering all of the Interesting Place Around You!


That’s cool. Here is another way via my (free) flight planner, GTFP. From the FAQ in User’s Guide:

I want to make a ‘round the world’ trip. How do I do that? Use the add waypoint box to add (by name) countries, cities, landmarks, geographical features, street addresses, etc., that you wish to visit. Click the optimize button to find the shortest route. Load the flight plan into MSFS and start flying. Connect GTFP to the simulator. Use the GTFP VFR map to see the plane’s position on the route, or zoom in for detail. Remember that you can shorten long legs via the half-slew button in the GTFP tracking window. When you wish to stop, use the same window to find the nearest airport to your current position. Land there and save the flight in MSFS so that you can continue later.

I want to get rid of the interesting places near you, as it pollutes my videos a lot. Switched everything on POI off, but no clue how to get rid…