Interface to Default C172 530 and 430

I’m new to FS2020 but I have a lot of experience with X-Plane. I bought a Garmin 530 button / encoder box from Desktop Aviator. This looks like a normal game controller. As an example the rotary encoders just look like two push buttons on a game controller, one for a right turn and one for a left turn.

X-Plane has simulator functions you can map these to for all the 530 and 430 functions in the default 172. I didn’t see anything like that in FS2020. How does someone go about hooking up a device like this to the FS2020 172?

Sorry of this is such a newbie question.

Not a newbie question.
Succeeded to configure a master switch panel but not a GNS. The leobodnar cards are detected (because they are joystick cards), at the difference with arduino…
But i could not find the matching commands for the gns (the name indicated in the 3d cockpit when pointing at a knob is not the same in the command list)