Interior Lighting

I’m trying to set up my interior lighting to buttons on my Cougar MFDs. Two of the buttons programmed okay but didn’t seem to work when I went to the aircraft (Cessna 172/steam gauges): the “Toggle Glareshield Lights” and “Toggle Pedestal Lights.” As I was investigating the problem, I used the mouse to operate both, and could increase and decrease both.

While I had them both maxed out, I tried the switches, and they both worked. So it seems that if you want to turn these lights on and off with a switch, you first need to turn them on and max them out. The same thing happened with the “Cabin Lights” - they have to be turned on and set to max before they can be toggled using a switch. Is there any work-around for this, like setting some variable in an .INI file or something?

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At least I can confirm what you are observing. You first need to find a way to turn up the brightness … otherwise the toggle shows no visible change.

I also tried a number of aircraft … and many have no “Glareshield” or “Pedestal” … so I ended up binding one button to all types to internal light to make sure that I do not need aircraft specific control bindings.

I typically use one toggle switch for

  • flashlight
  • all types of cockpit lights
  • all “mandatory” external lights
  • “optional” taxi lights
  • optional “landing” lights

… so that I do not have to remember too many buttons.