Intermittent: All assistance options automatically gets set to easy every time you relaunch the sim or sometimes between flights

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Are you on Steam or Microsoft Store version? steam

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Brief description of the issue: All assisting options set set automatically to easy

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered: exit the sim and relaunch

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Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: SU7


I noticed that this occurred the first time I restarted the sim after the initial launch into SU7.

I have just restarted the sim again (after customising my settings) to see if they reverted to “Easy” and I was glad to see that they haven’t.

Can I ask you to restart your sim again and report back if you are still seeing this issue?


I updated my settings and exited the sim, then started again and the settings were set back to Easy.


restart again and c. sometimes it stays sometimes it gets set to easy.


Spaghetti code… no telling what breaks when other things get fixed. This kind of thing… the continued introduction of new and really stupid bugs. When does it end? Rhetorical question btw. Who isn’t expecting this now based on past experience? Also rhetorical. I now never look forward to “updates” :rage:


Please do post in this thread if this is a recurring issue between sim launches (or as I have seen some report, between flights within the same sim session).

Thus far I have not been able to reproduce this, however I don’t doubt anyone’s individual experience!

The more reports the better a picture can be painted as to this issue.

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So far for me. Just the first time I started the sim. Have nipped in and out of the sim as I’ve added bits from my old community folder and my updated settings seem to be staying and not reverting to easy :crossed_fingers:

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Had my assistance settings reset to Easy on everything.
This was after i restarted the sim for the first time after the SU7 update.
Subsequent restarts have not reset those settings so far.

PC Steam user here. Looks like some good content but everything is set to easy now. Will take time to get it back the way I like it but I’m still happy to see things like DX12 coming along.

Probably UserCfg.opt is set to read only. Untick it.

You can all thank me later

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Nothing to do with read only, so no thanks from me.


I also can NOT confirm the issue. It was all set to easy at first start, i changed it, and it stayed like that even after multiple sim re-starts. There must be something going on on individual settings or borked files?

Steam version btw…

It’s happening to me, but it’s only when I reload after restarting my pc.

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Can’t confirm either. But just a thought: did you ALT+F4 out of the sim? If so, make sure that you go back to the main menu and use the Quit option to exit the sim properly. Could be that it doesn’t save some settings otherwise (just like with the new H145 license activation method).

I am having same issue and it’s really annoying having to setup settings every time… I change settings, save, exit (not alt F4) and restart the sim and it goes back to easy settings.


Why did assistance options switch to easy in the first place anyway? This is clearly a bug. SU7 should have respected our original values. If I hadn’t bumped into this thread, I would have kept flying happily and wondering what’s going on with my plane.


I’m also having this issue. Also thought it was the read-only on the usercfg.opt, but even after restarting several times the assistance settings all go back to easy

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Seriously, how are they not able to catch such basic bugs while testing? I haven’t tried relaunching the sim yet, but the sole fact that Assistance settings were reverted to Easy in the first place is a fail in itself.


Same issue here. First launch after update all set to Easy. Reset them to my liking, flew the F-18 for about 15 minutes and my system came to a crawl. had to exit the sim. Must be a memory leak. Get back in the sim and all settings reverted to easy again. Nice!

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…yep, I restarted the sim and it’s back to Easy. I’ll be staying away from MSFS until they fix this. We already knew that every time they release something, they’ll definitely break something else but this is getting quite ridiculous imho.

ps: no, my “UserCfg.opt” is not read-only.

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